Philips Review Action Summer 2017 Competition Rules


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Article 1 – General

1.1 These competition rules (hereinafter: ‘Rules’) apply to the ‘Philips Review Action 2017’ (hereinafter: ‘Competition’) organised on the Organiser’s Facebook page at URL https://www.dmlights.com/philips-review-action-2017.l (hereinafter: ‘Website’), by C.V.B.A. De Meuter Paul Elektriciteit with registered office at Industriepark 13B, 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg, registered at the CBE under number 0436.220.678 and with VAT number BE0436.220.678 (hereinafter: ‘Organiser’).

1.2 These Competition Rules can be consulted at any time on the Organiser’s website at URL https://www.dmlights.com/rules-philips-review-action-summer-2017.l. Participation in this Competition constitutes unconditional acceptance of the Competition Rules.

1.3 This Competition runs from midnight on 1 August 2017 to midnight on 11 September 2017 (hereinafter: ‘Duration’).

Article 2 – Participation terms and conditions

2.1 People who may participate, but are excluded from profiting:

1) People directly or indirectly involved in the organisation of this Competition, including, without limitation, the Organiser’s staff, staff of any bailiff’s firm, and third-party staff that directly work at the Competition organisation;
2) Family members of the individuals listed in the first point;
3) Anyone who resides at the same address as the aforementioned individuals.

Article 3 – The course of the Competition

3.1 General:

Participants in the Competition are required to post a well-founded product review within the stated Duration on the Philips, Massive or Lirio product purchased that is included in the list of products prepared by us. This list of participating products can be found at https://www.dmlights.com/filter?promotions=philips-review-action-2017.

The review must be posted on the Organiser’s product page.

Participants must have purchased the product from the Organiser.

3.2 Selection of Winners:

The selection of Participants as Winners is based on how well-founded and detailed the product review posted is. An independent jury will assess these factors objectively and select the Winners. The Organiser will announce the Winners on 12 September 2017.

The Winners will be notified personally by e-mail at the e-mail address they provided. This notification contains a personal invitation for them to receive their Prize.

In addition, their identity will be made known on the Organiser’s Website and Facebook page.

If you are not a winner, you will not receive any notification thereof.

Article 4 – Prizes

4.1 Prizes:

The following Prizes can be won in the Competition:
9 refunds for Philips, Lirio or Massive product(s) purchased.

The refund is limited to a maximum value of €500, regardless of the number of products purchased.

The refund is limited to the products for which the review selected by the jury was posted.

Each participant can win a maximum of one refund. Only one refund can be won per address.

The Organiser reserves the right to replace the offered Prize with a Prize of equal value.

4.2 Terms and conditions:

These Prizes cannot be exchanged for an equivalent value in other products. A Prize is non-transferable, indivisible, and must be accepted as awarded.

The Organiser offers no guarantee with respect to a Prize or the usability, suitability or availability thereof, regardless of reason, nor can he be held liable for cancellations or changes in particular activities. The Organiser cannot be held liable for any accidents or damage that directly or indirectly arise due to winning a Prize.

4.3 Presentation of the Prize:

The Winners will receive an e-mail notification that they have won a Prize. Winners must visit the Organiser within fourteen days of receiving the notification.

4.4 Verification:

The Organiser retains the right to check at the time the Prize is requested that the Winners fulfilled the Competition Terms and Conditions by, among other things, checking the identity of the Winners by requesting a valid proof of identity. If the registration details do not match those on the proof of identity, that person will not receive a prize, which will be awarded to another person.

4.5 Alternative presentation:

A Winner will lose the right to his/her Prize if they do not request the Prize within fourteen days of the notification being sent to the Winner. The Organiser retains the right to retain Prizes that are not collected.

Article 5 – Disqualification, Suspension or Cancellation

5.1 Disqualification:

Any breach of the Competition Rules or any attempt at fraud disqualifies the Participant. The Organiser can disqualify a Participant when there are clear and reasonable grounds to suspect a breach of the Competition Rules.

Disqualified Participants will be immediately and permanently excluded and may no longer participate in the Competition. In all cases, the decisions of the Organiser are final and cannot be appealed.

5.2 Force majeure:

The Organiser retains the right to curtail, suspend, amend or cancel the Competition if events independent of its sphere of action occur or in the event of force majeure that make it impossible to complete the Competition in accordance with the Competition Rules, including poor Internet performance or any other telecommunication network problem, computer or servers, Internet providers, information systems or computer software.

5.3 Proviso:

The Organiser retains the right to curtail, suspend or extend, or make changes to the participation terms and conditions, the prizes or any other modality at any time and at its own discretion, even in non-force majeure situations and without the Participants obtaining any right of recourse with respect to the Organiser based on aforementioned actions.

Article 6 – Costs

All costs related to participation in the Competition (Internet connection, etc.) at your own expense. Under no circumstances can the costs for your participation be recovered from the Organiser.

The Organiser commits to making every effort to ensure the Website always remains available, but cannot be held liable in any way for interruptions due to force majeure situations.

Article 7 – Liability

7.1 The Organiser is not liable for direct or indirect damage that arises related to participating in the Competition, of whatever nature or cause, origin or consequences, even when he is notified of the risk of such damage, including damage caused by the disruption or poor performance of the Internet or the computer of the Participant or competition involved in the organisation of the Competition or any other problem related to telecommunication networks, computers or servers, Internet providers, information system or computer software; the use of the Facebook page, including any deviation or virus that might infect and/or damage the computer set up or other devices of the Participant.

7.2 If the Competition is terminated due to the behaviour of one of the Participants, the Organiser retains the right to claim compensation for the damages arising from said behaviour.

7.3 Excluding the cases of serious or deliberate error, the Organiser, his staff, any third party engaged by the Competition Organisation, cannot be held liable for any damages of any kind whatsoever that arises due to participating in the Competition, the organisation of the Competition, the notification of the Winners and the presenting or not presenting of the Prizes. The liability of the parties specified in this section cannot be increased in any event whatsoever due to any amendment, suspension, or termination of the Competition, as stipulated in the previous section.

7.4 Print, spelling, typographic or other errors cannot be invoked as grounds for an obligation or liability with respect to the Organiser.

Article 8 – Privacy

8.1 General:

You share your personal information with the Organiser by virtue of registering and participating in the Competition. The Organiser stores the personal information of registered Participants in a file.

8.2 Responsible Party – Applicable Law – Declaration:

The personal information received is processed by the Organiser in compliance with the Law enacted 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of privacy with respect to the processing of personal information, amended by the Law enacted 11 December 1998 in accordance with the directive 95/46/EG of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of natural persons with respect to the processing of personal information and the free movement of such information (hereinafter: ‘Privacy Act’) and Book Xii of the Economic Rights Code of Law with respect to electronic trade.

The responsible party for processing your personal information is the Organiser, namely, CVBA. De Meuter Paul Elektriciteit, Industriepark 13B, 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg.

A declaration was submitted to the Belgian Commission on the Protection of Privacy with respect to the processing of your personal information.

The Organiser’s general Privacy Declaration is applicable in its entirety to this Competition and can be found at: https://www.dmlights.com/privacyPage.l

The aforementioned personal information consists of the name and review of the Participant. You guarantee the correctness and completeness of this information.

8.3 Purpose:

Your information is collected to ensure the Competition will complete properly, in particular, to provide the opportunity to contact you with respect to your participation and to present the Prizes in an efficient manner.

The Organiser retains the right to pass on your information to third parties.

8.4 Rights:

You are entitled to access, amend and correct or delete your personal information. This right can be exercised by sending an e-mail to the Organiser at mailing@dmlights.com. If you request the deletion of all or some of your personal information before the end of the Competition such that the Organiser can no longer contact you, your participation can be declared invalid and you will lose all rights to a Prize.

Article 9 – Conflicts

9.1 Complaints:

Any complaint related to this Competition must be submitted within eight (8) workdays following the end of this Competition by e-mail to mailing@dmlights.com.

In the event of a dispute about the application or interpretation of these Rules, the Participant commits to first entering into a discussion with the Organiser to strive to find an amicable solution prior to starting any kind of legal proceedings.

In no event shall oral or telephone complaints be handled.

Complaints that are not submitted in writing or that are submitted outside the specified term will not be handled.

The Organiser’s decision is binding with respect to all complaints and is not subject to any recourse of any kind.

If one of the provisions of these Rules is found to be void or invalid, all other provisions of the competition rules remain entirely in effect.

9.2 Applicable Law and Court:

These Competition Rules are subject to Belgian law.


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