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Front door

A well-lit front door is where it all begins. Welcome your guests with a subtle, surface-mounted wall lamp next to your door, or even one on each side. You can choose from uplights and downlights, uplights or downlights, or open fixtures, which also distribute their light laterally.

An entrance illuminated with a handsome beam of light shining on the façade makes your home stand out from the others on the street. But lighting is not only about aesthetics, outdoor lamps also ensure that you can easily find the keyhole at night.

Wall lamps like these are best hung at eye level. Another option here, in addition to wall lighting, is recessed floor spotlights aimed at the façade. Be careful to ensure that these recessed spots do not blind passers-by.


The border between indoors and outdoors has never been as vague as it is today. The outdoor environment is increasingly becoming an extension of the interior. So why not make the terrace as cosy as your living room?

Just like a room in your interior, a covered terrace can be illuminated with recessed spotlights, surface-mounted ceiling lamps or pendant lamps. An open terrace can be illuminated along the outside wall using a wall lamp. Avoid the formation of bothersome shadows by installing several lighting points.

Portable fixtures, such as floor lamps and outdoor table lamps, are a hip alternative. Rechargeable table lamps are also available; these can be moved from place to place with very little effort. Or what do you think about a series of recessed floor spotlights with a low light output or bollards to accentuate the perimeter of your terrace?

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Garden paths and driveways

Lighting for a garden path or for a driveway is more or less the same. There are several options for a path or driveway.

Line your path or driveway with a series of garden posts separated by a distance of approximately 2 metres. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, just make sure the posts are equally distributed.

Spots on pin are a fun and flexible alternative for providing light here. Usually, these lamps are easy to move and aim. Have your garden lighting playfully shine out from the flowerbed next to your garden path.

Wall lights, recessed floor spotlights, flood lights or lantern posts are also always a perfect option. Come to dmlights for any and all of these!

Façades and walls

Nothing lends a home as much class as several beautiful strokes of light projected on the exterior wall. A narrow or wide bundle, high-contrast or somewhat more diffuse? That choice is often based on the architecture, although it remains primarily a question of personal preference. First and foremost, you must think your own garden lighting is beautiful.

You can achieve this effect with recessed floor spotlights. The advantage here is that the lamps do not leave a direct visual impression; it is only at dusk when they come to life. In addition to that, wall lamps or spots on pin are ideal for illuminating an exterior wall.

When working with spotlights on stakes, the lighting effect you achieve depends in part on the distance between the spotlights and the distance to the wall. You can learn more about this in our blog article on illuminating exterior walls..

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