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Nautic outdoor wall light

Nautic by Tekna

Nautic by Tekna is a refined collection of luminaires with a timeless character. The designer that gave life to this collection is Erik Huysmans, who chose an eclectic approach for the design of these fittings. This means that original shapes from the past are being transformed into a contemporary look.

Factories, old train wagons and even boats form the inspiration for these lights. The end result always has an industrial look. And on top of that, the products are consistently simple and functional. This is by no means a design that is screaming for attention.

Nautic wall light

Stylish and temperate creations

Nautic strives for simplicity. The brand describes its creations as "a little and a lot at the same time". It's lighting that is present in the space, but does not stand out too much. Stylish lamps without excessive decoration, that is what Nautic stands for.

The high quality materials that are used (bronze, copper, bras etc.) make sure the fittings look nice for years and years. Also the technology that goes behind these designs tallies to modern-day standards and is extremely durable.

Nautic outdoor lighting

Recognizable light

The mix of inspiration from the past and modern-day technology grants the Nautic luminaires a very recognisable feature. This is exactly what Nautic aspires to achieve: creating 'recognisable luminaires'

For some fittings the inspiration of the past could not be more obvious. The Admiral and Docklight are examples that look exactly like a ship lamp. Yet, these lamps are by no means old-fashioned, their design is rather timeless.

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