What do I need for a new build electricity connection?

To make the connection of your electricity to the distribution network, you normally need:

  1. EXVB cable
  2. TPC10 pipe
  3. Counter/meter boxes
  4. Measuring module

Note: these are in accordance to the Belgian requirements. Other countries might require different installation equipment.

Which cable type and thickness, as well as the type of meter box you need, will carefully be described by the manager of your distribution network (Eandis, Iverlek,...).

1. EXVB cable

EXVB cable

The EXVB cable is needed to make the connection between your electricity network and the distribution network. Through this way, the electricity enters your home.

Based on the name of the cable you can deduce its specifications. For example: EXVB 4X10. The 'E' means that the cable is protected against rodents, the 'X' stands for polyethylene, the 'V' for vynyl and the 'B' for the fact that the cable is constructed according to the Belgian standards (CEBEC).

This cable does not require grounding.

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2. TPC10 pipe

TPC10 pipe

The EXVB cable is put into the ground and therefore needs to be placed into a protective TPC10 pipe.

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3. Meter box

Meter box

The EXVB cable enters your home through the meter box. The meter box consists of a body with a connecting separator. The connecting separator is almost always included in the meter box. The rest of the content will be provided by the manager of your distribution network.

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In 99% of the cases, you will have to use the GE (Vynckier) VY 14920-006 meterkast (incl. connecting separator).

4. Measurement module

Measurement modules

Finally, you need a measurement module. This will be placed into the meter box.

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