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Brokis Muffin

A little bit of history

In 1997, Jan Rabell, a Czech entrepreneur acquired the company Janštejn Glassworks. The rich history of the glassworks dates back to the early nineteenth century. In the early years, it mainly produced glass for windows and vases. The focus shifted later to lampshades and lighting. Over these many years, a combination of craftsmanship, company modernisation and design work eventually brought about the Brokis in 2010.


Traditional craftsmanship

Blowing glass is an art all in itself. At least 30 people work on a piece before it is completed. The glass must be blown at an even pace to prevent the formation of bubbles in the glass. And that’s not at all easy given that the lamp is relatively massive. The required heat to do this work is amazing. The molten glass reaches an astounding temperature of 1,400 °C and is blown into the proper shape at 700 °C. The workers’ dedication, art and diligence create high-quality beautiful traditional lighting.

Brokis Knot

Timeless and exclusive design

The Brokis designs are truly gems made of glass. An excellent example is the Brokis Shadows pendant lamp. The subtle, elegant glass undulations are a true feast for the eyes. The contrast inherent in the Brokis Knot is also immediately apparent. Whereas the glass is very fine and precisely manufactured, this is contrasted by the robustness of the rough cord passing through the glass. The glass lamps of Brokis all have a timeless character that fits into virtually any interior.

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