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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Wall lights for your façade: stylish and practical

On 30, Jun 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

Wall lights are a real must if you decide to light up your garden and outdoor area. Our assortment is huge: you will find these in all colours, sizes, shapes, and styles. You can pick a lamp that suits your living style as well as really bringing your outdoor environment to life even during the day.

There are many advantages in installing wall lights on the façade of your house and garden shed. It goes without saying that lighting along your front or back door is extremely convenient when coming home in the dark. And, it will also deter burglars at night who prefer not to be in the spotlight.

Façade lighting also adds an extra atmospheric touch to your home. And not only during the darkest hours of the day because even when your lamps are off during the day, they undoubtedly serve as an elegant home accessory. By choosing the right wall lighting, you can, so to speak, highlight your living style outdoors. We would like to describe the most common types of façade lighting and take you on a tour of the currently most popular wall lights. Which style is right for you?

Surface-mounted wall lights

Surface-mounted wall lights are the most popular form of façade lighting. They give you the creative freedom to extend the style of your interior to your outdoor environment. This form of lighting is also extremely flexible because you can pick a real eye-catching handy directional wall lamp, an up and/or downlighter that will not blind you, and much more.


Do you like a (sleek) rustic living style? Then this Box Lantern from Astro may be perfect for you. This stylish pendant lantern is a real gem on your façade. It may be quite large (45 x 40 cm), but it’s a real eye-catcher thanks to its elegant design.

Astro Box Lantern

Shop Astro Box Lantern



Lampe Gras is one of the most popular collections of the French designer brand DCW éditions. This lamp’s design is inspired by an iconic design from 1921, which was the favourite lamp of the famous architect Le Corbusier. This beautiful, tilting wall lamp has an industrial look. But in our opinion, it’s also at home in other living styles.

DCW Lampe Gras

Shop DCW Lampe Gras



Extraordinary Belgian outdoor lighting is Royal Botania’s focus. And that statement is proven with a glance at this wall lamp. The Dome is a uniquely designed wall lamp, made of high-quality materials, such as robust aluminium and hand-made glass. A real eye-catcher even during the day!

Royal Botania Dome

Shop Royal Botania Dome



With the Train Narrow by Wever & Ducré, we continue with the ambience of qualitative Belgian outdoor lighting. This sleek uplighter or downlighter allows you to point literally in almost any direction. Put your façade in the spotlight and give free rein to your creativity! You will be surprised by the possibilities despite its simple design.

Wever & Ducré Train Narrow

Shop Wever & Ducré Train Narrow



The Appear wall light by Philips Hue is a modern uplighter and downlighter and also an all-rounder. This well-known smart lighting system has an app that allows you to adjust the colour, white tint, and intensity of your lamps. Do your lights turn on automatically when it gets dark? This (and much more) is also possible with these smart outdoor lamps.

Philips Hue Appear

Shop Philips Hue Appear


Recessed wall lights

Want a sleeker look? Then recessed wall lights might be just the thing you’re looking for. These have a minimalist design, which gives your façade a touch of architectural class. This type of wall light is often mounted under or next to stairs to make the steps clearly visible in the dark. You can also place it at the bottom of a wall as path lighting. These are virtually invisible during the day making these perfect for a modern architectural style with a clean façade.

Our favourite? It’s the extremely elegant Heli X Screen from Delta Light. You can choose between a light grey or a dark grey model as well as between a warm white or cool white colour tone. The light of this stylish recessed wall lamp is directed at a perfect angle to the ground to ensure it does not blind you.

Delta Light Heli X

Shop Delta Light Heli X


Which wall light is perfect for your style?

Share your thoughts with us!