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This is how you turn your bathroom into a true centre of wellness

On 03, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By

Because life is already hectic enough. Which is why you occasionally need a healthy dose of relaxation. You could go to your local wellness centre and take advantage of all their relaxation options. Or better yet, turn your own bathroom into a home spa.

The following tips will help you create the perfect spa. Say goodbye to the daily stress!

Stylish design

A wellness bathroom begins with the design. Floors, wall tiles, and bathroom furniture define the look of this space. So don’t hesitate to invest in high-quality materials or custom-made options.

Need inspiration? Then check out Abitaz. You’re guaranteed to find plenty of wellness bathroom designs there.


Natural stone gives any bathroom a luxurious look.

A whirlpool bathtub

A wellness bathroom has got to have a whirlpool bathtub. This bathtub is equipped with small hydro jets. These jets swirl water and light around your body to relax all your muscles. You choose the intensity with the press of a button.

These high-pressure massage bathtubs are often used to treat people with neurological disorders, arthrosis, rheumatism, etc. But even if you’re ultra-fit, the massage function can still be beneficial. So, a whirlpool bathtub is a definite must for your wellness bathroom.


A jacuzzi equals pure relaxation.

A steam shower

Would you like a true wellness experience at home? Then forget a traditional shower and install a steam shower instead. This fills two needs with one deed! You can use this shower to quickly rinse yourself off or sit back and relax in very own Turkish steam bath.

A steam shower has many advantages. It detoxifies your body and stimulates blood flow. This mini-hammam also has a positive effect on your lungs when fragrances are added.

RGBW lighting

Wellness centres have long known about the benefits of coloured lighting. Because each colour of light influences the body differently. For example, green light strengthens your muscles, bones, and other tissues, while blue light lowers your blood pressure.

Tip: you can read more about chromotherapy here.

RGBW lighting adds another dimension to your wellness bathroom. Philips Hue has several beautiful wall, standing, and ceiling lamps, in every shade of white light, for your bathroom. But you can also hide an RGBW LED strip under a suspended ceiling.


This Philips Hue Adore can generate several shades of white light.


Coloured light instantly turns your bathroom into a chic wellness centre. Photo source

An (infrared) sauna

Having a sauna in your bathroom means you’ve got everything you need to relax in full. Saunas can be split up into two groups:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna

The difference between the two is the climate inside. A Finnish sauna has a high degree of humidity. This is much lower in an infrared sauna, which is also known as a dry sauna. This way, the IR light has a greater effect on the body.

Saunas come in various sizes, with capacities ranging from 1 to 6 people. So, even people with a small bathroom can still find the right model to turn it into a home spa.


A built-in sauna has a very stylish look, but standalone models are also available.

Personal care products

Your wellness bathroom isn’t complete without the right personal care products. These include things like:

  • Essential oils
  • Scrubbing salts
  • Body lotion
  • Conditioner
  • etc.

Plus, there are still all the little personal care accessories that add value to your home spa. These are things like a foot bath. This will pamper your feet with a relaxing hydrotherapy massage. We often see bronzers for your face and sometimes even full tanning beds in home spas. Plus, have you considered getting a neck massage pillow?

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