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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Trend spotted: metal in your interior

On 12, Feb 2020 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

Good news for heavy metal fans! 2020 will definitely be a metal year.  No, we don’t mean loud drums and screeching guitars; we mean metal as an interior accent.

Okay, it’s true that brass was cool for a while, but now lots of other metals are making their comeback too. More industrial metals like steel and rusted iron, as well as fancier varieties in golden, bronze or silver colours. The only metal you really can’t get away with anymore is pink copper.

But how do you integrate these metallic shades in your interior? You can hardly cover a wall in gold leaf or use steel cushions. The easiest way to is to have furniture with a metal base, accessories like mirrors and frames, and of course also lighting.

To help you on your way to an Instagram-proof interior for the new year, we take a quick look at some of the most on-trend metals available. And the best lamps to go with them, obviously.


Gold can shine again in 2020. Bold and quickly over-the-top, but in the right amounts it gives your interior a sophisticated touch of luxury.

Our suggestion: the golden Banana Lamps from Seletti. It’s not just the colour that’s right; you’re also making a statement with the design.

Seletti Banana

Shop Seletti Banana



Silver also offers a stylish touch. More neutral than gold, which makes it easier to combine.

Our suggestion: the Wever & Ducre J.J.W. lamps from designer Jules Wabbes. Also available in gold.

Wever & Ducre J.J.W.

Shop Wever & Ducre J.J.W.



Bronze has the warmest feel of all the precious metals. So it’s the perfect choice of metal for a cosy interior.

Our suggestion: Artemide Melampo The most atmospheric lamps in one of the trendiest colours of the moment. Put simply: the best.

Artemide Melampo

Shop Artemide Melampo



The orange-brown colour of rust can provide the necessary warmth in an industrial interior, without sacrificing any sleekness.

Our suggestion: the Graypants Rust series. This bold, rusted iron appearance fits in both a rural interior as well as a rugged industrial setting.

Graypants Rust

Shop Graypants Rust



Chrome is perhaps the shiniest metal of all. Create a lovely mirror effect in your interior.

Our suggestion: Gubi Semi. The retro design of these beautiful pendant lamps combines perfectly with the brilliant finish.

Gubi Semi

Shop Gubi Semi

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