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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Trend: Modern-day chandeliers

On 13, Jan 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

When you hear the word ‘chandelier’, is the first thing that comes to mind a whopper of a crystal lamp in the foyer of a fancier-than-thou hotel? Or do you picture that porcelain monstrosity hanging over your grandma’s dining table with gilded arms and always at least one burnt-out light bulb? Well, it’s high time we adjusted your idea of the classic chandelier. Chandeliers are modern, trendy and not always made of crystal or porcelain.

A brief history

Chandeliers have been a status symbol since the Middle Ages. Wealthy noblemen suspended heavy wooden structures with candles from the ceiling to illuminate their manor or castle. Initially, these were simple wooden crosses but, starting in the 15th century, the crown-shaped design became increasingly popular. It is these ‘candle wheels’ to which we owe the name ‘chandelier’.

Chrystal chandeliers were introduced in the 18th century. In the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace Versailles, you can admire no fewer than twenty fantastic specimens from that time. The largest one in the world is more recent (2001) and found in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman. This impressive structure is no less than 14 metres high, weighs 8 1/2 tonnes and contains around 600,000 crystals and 1,100 halogen lights.

Chandeliers in modern homes

It goes without saying that chances are you don’t have room for twenty crystal chandeliers or a 14 metre-high one (see insert) in your interior. But you can still enjoy the grandeur of a chandelier right at home. A majestic chandelier in the hallway or a more modest version above the dining table, not to mention these magnificent pendant lights, are the perfect eye-catcher in any room.

Flos 2097

The Flos 2097 by designer Gino Sarfatti is one of the most popular reinterpretations of the classic chandelier currently available. The original design dates back to 1958, but thanks to ongoing success, Flos recently expanded the 2097 series with new colours, LED versions and the smaller 2097/18, ideal for home interiors.

Perfect for: A modern interior

Flos 2097

Shop Flos 2097


Slamp Ceremony

This Italian beauty may seem like a classic at first glance, but looks are deceiving. True to Slamp tradition, this stylish chandelier combines innovative technology, patented materials and an eye-catching design.

Perfect for: A metropolitan style

Slamp Ceremony

Shop Slamp Ceremony


Terzani Soscik

The chandelier as a status symbol? How about this Terzani Soscik? It can be yours for a mere EUR 40,000. For that price, you get a pendant light unlike no other, nearly two metres in height and weighing no less than 130 kilograms. The epitome of contemporary luxury, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

Perfect for: Exclusive villas

Terzani Soscik

Shop Terzani Soscik



The Dutch brand Moooi has a weakness for chandeliers. But Moooi would not be Moooi if they did not give them their own personal twist. Admittedly, burnt wood (Smoke) or paper (Paper) are not the first materials you might associate with a chandelier, but the result speaks for itself.

Other successful chandeliers from Moooi are the Meshmatic, Plant Chandelier, Heracleum The Big O and the Shade Shade. The latter may not initially seem like a good fit for this terraced house due to the large mirrored shade, but that mirrored shade hides a beautiful chandelier that becomes visible when you switch on the light. An impressive effect.

Perfect for: One-of-a-kind interiors

Moooi Paper

Shop Mooi Paper Chandelier


Are you a huge fan of chandeliers or are they not really your thing? Tell us why in the comments!

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