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Tips and tricks to achieve a bohemian interior

On 14, Jul 2017 | One Comment | In Interior inspiration | By

The summer has arrived again. Sunny days make us dream about exotic trips. Some people will even go so far as wanting to integrate this feeling in their home. They then opt for bohemian furnishing.

But what exactly is the bohemian style? And what does the furnishing look like? This article will provide you all the answers.

The bohemian style explained

A bohemian interior is a mix of styles. Influences from around the world are brought together. For example, you will find items from India, Morocco, Nepal, and other distant lands.

That makes a very bohemian colourful style. It’s a playful mix of colours, patterns, and materials. Such an interior will never bore you.

Nowadays, this interior style is inextricably linked to the Spanish island of Ibiza. You will find a lot of (holiday) homes on the island that have bohemian furnishings. Why? Because it fits perfectly with sunny locations and immediately evokes a holiday feeling.


As interior design enthusiasts, we have looked at hundreds of bohemian interiors. Certain items occur over and over again. We provide a summary below.

White walls

Walls and ceilings are normally white in colour. In many southern countries, both the inside and outside of a home are coated with white lime plaster. This makes it fresher in the summer. The bohemian style inherits this white basis.

Warm accessories

The decorations are very colourful. In particular, warm tones are used, such as red, pink, yellow, orange, and brown. This ensure the interior is not too sterile and also creates a cosy atmosphere.

And with respect to accessories, the following items are indispensable in bohemian furnishing:

  • Ethnic cushions with decorative motifs
  • Braided pouffes
  • Moroccan lanterns
  • Kilim rugs
  • Oriental tea light holders

Supplement with some personal accessories. For example, a wooden mask or a terracotta pot you brought back as a souvenir from a trip.

Natural materials

What stands out immediately is the choice of materials. Natural materials are the best. In this ethnic interior style, you will find a lot of linen, wood, cane, earthenware, and so on. You will rarely see plastic, metal, or glass.

Vintage furniture

You will not see modern design furniture in a bohemian décor. The preference is for vintage furniture. This if often discovered in thrift shops. The subtle traces of use give character to the space and bring everything to life.


It’s not a bohemian interior unless it has plants. When looking for the closest types of plants, it’s best to search for southern species. Palms, cacti, and succulents are an excellent choice.

Bohemian lighting

Up to now, we’ve discussed colours, furniture, accessories, and plants. One item we have not yet discussed… is lighting.

For inspiration, you can find some fixtures below that will fit nicely in this interior style.

Dark Captain Cork

Natural materials are always a good choice. These Captain Cork pendant lamps are made of… guess what? Cork. In terms of colours, these lamps fit perfectly in the bohemian style. These fixtures are available in various models and sizes.


LZF Orbit

The LZF designers are real artists with wood. They utilise this material like no other. For a bohemian interior, we choose the LZF Orbit wall lamp. In particular, a chocolate colour makes this wall lamp look terrific.


Domus Sten Cloud

Of course, in addition to pendant and wall lamps, you also need a table lamp. You may find the Domus Sten Cloud is to your liking. There are different colours to choose from. Subtle or striking, there is something for everyone.


Tom Dixon Etch

Metal lanterns are very popular in Arab countries. These lanterns have a perforated housing to let light pass through. This is exactly what inspired Tom Dixon for the design of this Etch collection. Go for the stainless steel variant when you want a bohemian look.


Tom Dixon Beat Light

The Beat Light fixtures are based on traditional Indian water jugs. They immediately add an ethnic touch to your living room, dining room, or kitchen. There is a choice between four version (Stout, Wide, Fat, and Tall) and just as many colour combinations.

Foto: Patric Johansson

Diesel with Foscarini Pylon

Of course, when the decoration in a bohemian dining room are really colourful, you will surely want to have some other items as a counterbalance. You can do this with the Pylon pendant lamp of Diesel with Foscarini. A simple design and down-to-earth linen shade gives it its own character.


Graypants Kerflights

We conclude our list of bohemian lighting with the Graypants Kerflights. The frame of this table lamp is a wooden zigzag line. Light escapes through the vertical openings, which provides a beautiful shadow play. The white and red versions are the most ‘bohemian compatible’, but you can also choose the black variant.



  1. The bohemian interior is a must have today. I love your article, it’s full of tips on boheme. Indeed I was looking for how to decorate my living room and my bedroom. I especially love the cork lamps, it would give a cozy atmosphere to the living room. The tom dixom pendant lights are also exceptional to bring a more serious and professional side. In the minimalist theme it’s perfect!

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