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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

The retro bulb: at home in any interior style

On 27, Jan 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

Retro bulbs can be found in all shapes and sizes. They’re perfect for creating a unique ambiance and are a real eye-catcher in any interior. You don’t need to have a retro or vintage style in your home to use these bulbs. We’ve put together a few tips to help you combine these trendy light sources with your favourite interior style.

Retro LED bulbs

A retro bulb, also called an incandescent or carbon filament bulb, is a modern LED bulb that looks like a conventional light bulb. Today’s LED technology makes it possible to imitate the visible filament of traditional light bulbs in an energy-efficient version. And that’s a good thing because these light sources add a cosy and vintage look & feel to any interior.


The brand Segula probably has the largest selection of retro LED bulbs in the market. Their light source design is fully inspired by the good old Edison light bulb. With its stunning and unique collections, Segula aims to bring the homey ambiance of yesteryear back into living rooms everywhere.

Shop Segula


Philips Hue

Those who like smart lighting can now also bring a warm, romantic ambiance into their home. Philips Hue has developed a few smart bulbs with a retro look that you control with your smartphone. Philips Hue filament bulbs are available in three versions. Combining the different shapes in a cluster is a great way to create an original and playful effect.

Shop Philips Hue


Of course, all of these stylish and ultra-modern bulbs need a fixture to showcase their full potential. Unfortunately, a classic suspended light fixture with a lampshade conceals their fantastic design, so we chose a few fixtures that highlight the design of these retro bulbs and are in perfect keeping with a range of interior styles.


A cottage style interior is all about using natural materials, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this modern rustic pendant light fixture. Thanks to the contemporary style and rope finish, this light fixture is right at home in a cottage style interior. The fixture design makes it perfect for hanging over a dining table. Complete the look with your choice of five retro bulbs and make your dining room the most inviting space in your home.

Reality Einar

Shop Reality Einar



The industrial interior style has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. And for good reason, because this interior style brings your imagination to life. All kinds of different colours and furniture pieces can be endlessly combined in an industrial interior and retro light bulbs add the perfect finishing touch to the ambiance. This suspended light fixture from Segula may look highly industrial, but combine it with an eye-catching carbon filament bulb and the result is warm and inviting.

Segula Xtra Line Atlanta

Shop Segula Xtra Line Atlanta



With its sleek design and geometric lines, this trendy pendant lamp is definitely right at home in a modern interior. Thanks to the visible light source, it can be perfectly combined with a filament bulb, giving your modern interior style a cosy touch. You can also hang several fixtures next to each other above your kitchen island to create a real show-stopping look.

Nordlux Tees

Shop Nordlux Tees



Simplicity dominates the Scandinavian style interior. Straight lines, white walls and simple decor characterise this trendy interior style, featuring a ‘clean’ look and feel. Simple accessories bring the look together, which is why we chose the E27 hanging light from the Scandinavian design brand Muuto. Of course, no Scandinavian style interior would be complete without a filament light bulb.

Muuto E27

Shop Muuto E27



Prefer a sleek and minimalist interior? Wever & Ducré lighting is the perfect choice. This Belgian design brand is the leading trendsetter in architectural lighting. The simple yet eye-catching design of this Mirro pendant lamp is a showstopper in any interior. It combines best with a simple retro bulb with a classic shape because the reflection of the light source in the lampshade provides an extra special touch.

Wever & Ducré Mirro

Shop Wever & Ducré Mirro



The term ‘design’ is not really a specific style in itself, but rather an umbrella term for various styles. But design and designer lighting are distinctive and unique, with special designs that bring added value to any interior. That’s certainly the case with this unusual pendant lamp from Danish design brand Nordlux. A simple, classic LED bulb would not be a worthy match for this dazzler, which is why we chose Josefine as the perfect partner for fun filament bulbs.

Nordlux Josefine

Shop Nordlux Josefine


Do you have retro-inspired lighting at home? Let us know in the comments section how you’ve combined the lighting with your personal interior style.

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