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In Novelties

By Elke Leemans

The new Veli Foliage from Slamp

On 18, Mar 2020 | No Comments | In Novelties | By Elke Leemans

The iconic Veli design has ten candles on the birthday cake this year. And the Italian design brand Slamp won’t let this occasion go unnoticed. We present the new Veli Foliage collection: luminaires with a luxurious appearance and a story to tell.

Iconic design

The appearance of the Veli Foliage catches the eye immediately. Nature was the inspiration behind Italian designer Adriano Rachele’s design. Blossoms, leaves and a playful light and shadow effect characterise the Veli Foliage iconic design. The pleasing, diffused light source spreads a pleasant light through the room, 360° around the lamp. This means the light from the pendant lamp, wall lamp or table lamp is reflected on your wall, ceiling or furniture and a unique play of light is created.

Slamp Veli Foliage wall/ceiling

Shop Veli Foliage wall/ceiling lamp


Handmade in Italy

The more than 268 folds and folds in the design are carefully cut by hand and put into place without the use of glue or screws. The complex, interwoven structure is made from technopolymer: a material that has a whopping four times less impact on nature than alternative materials.

Slamp Veli Foliage table lamp

Shop Veli Foliage table lamp


A tribute to mother nature

Perhaps it was already clear: the Veli Foliage collection is all about nature and environmental awareness. The cutting remnants left over after the production process are used to make bee hives. By returning the materials used to nature, a natural ecosystem is kept in balance. The Slamp philosophy is clear: the Veli Foliage is a tribute to our planet.

Are you also completely sold to its unique story, just like us? Discover this glamorous collection by Slamp on our website, and be inspired.

Slamp Veli Foliage pendant lamp

Shop Veli Foliage pendant lamp


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