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Switch it up: fixtures with interchangeable lampshades

On 31, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By

We’re not afraid to switch up our decorations from time to time. For example, our interior looks different around Christmas time than it does at other times of the year. So, why don’t we do the same with our lighting? After all, there are different fixtures with interchangeable lampshades.

Pick your own lampshade

The models below have interchangeable lampshades. There are always two, three, or more models available. This way, you can quickly change the colour or shape.

Artemide Tolomeo

You can order separate lampshades for the Artemide Tolomeo. That makes this design classic even more versatile. In addition to the traditional black and grey versions, there’s also a beige model to create a more rural appearance.


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Flos Bon Jour Unplugged

The Flos Bon Jour table lamp has a metal base (in white, chrome, copper, and matt chrome) with a rounded shade on top. This shade is removable. You can change the colour in a snap. Designer Philippe Starck also created two ‘special’ lampshades: one in rattan and another in fabric.


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SLV Fenda

Do you love subtle colours like white and beige? Or would you rather make a statement with a green or burgundy lampshade? Anything goes with the SLV Fenda. With this collection, you’re the designer. Combine one of the many bases – ranging from tripod floor lamps to pendant lamps – with a lampshade of your choosing. You can choose from dozens of combinations. This way, there’s guaranteed to be an SLV Fenda fixture that suits your interior.


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Ingo Maurer Ringelpiez

This Ringelpiez collection by Ingo Maurer includes a table and pendant lamp for which you must buy the lampshades separately. There are two options. The white shade goes perfectly with the black frame. It’s a safe choice that works anywhere. Would you like it to be a little more playful? Then combine the Ingo Maurer Ringelpiez with a green lampshade. It will immediately draw all the attention.


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Flos Miss K

Getting a little tired of your Flos Miss K table lamp? No problem: just replace the lampshade. All six models give the design a different look.


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For Astro, we didn’t go for just one fixture; we immediately looked at all the lampshades. And there were a whole lot of them. Astro has designs in every possible shape, size, and colour. So you can easily buy multiple lampshades to redecorate your interior after several months.


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SLV Mana

A wall lamp with an interchangeable lampshade? Yes! The SLV Mana has five different lampshades. White and aluminium are the most popular choices. In addition, there is another, gold-coloured version made of brushed brass. If you prefer wood, you can choose from a light or dark finish. So, there is something for everyone!


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