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Setting up the ideal home office

On 21, Oct 2020 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration, Lighting tips and advice | By Elke Leemans

2020 is the year we all switched to telecommuting en masse. Many of us had to adjust almost overnight to working from home. From improvised workplaces at the kitchen table to fully-equipped office spaces: how do you create the ideal home office? We’ve figured it out for you.

Advantages and challenges

For many of us, working from home seems to be the ideal solution. In the morning, we quickly put the clothes in the washing machine so that we can hang them up during our lunch break or we do a bit of vacuuming after lunch. Thanks to a better work-life balance and disappearance of travel time, we have more free time to devote to our hobbies. A study by Forbes also shows that working from home makes employees much happier and more productive.

But we have to admit it: telecommuting is also a challenge. Children screaming for attention, the cat jumping on your keyboard or the neighbour who suddenly starts mowing his lawn. With so many distractions, it is best to organise your workspace as properly as possible to facilitate optimal concentration.

Muuto Tip

Location of your desk

Without doubt, the most important thing about setting up your home office is where you place your desk. Setting up your laptop and accessories at the kitchen or dining table is not very beneficial to your productivity. So it is best make sure that you have a separate place in the house to install your equipment.

In case you don’t have any children yet, you probably have an extra bedroom that you can transform into an office. If you don’t have an empty room, you could make some place in your living room. Keep in mind that in this case your desk will always be ‘in sight’, although this need not be a problem. Depending on the style of your interior, you can look for a striking design writing desk or antique secretary as a showpiece for your room. Do you have any building or renovation plans? Make sure that you take your office space into account in the construction or renovation plans.

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Choose your decorative items

Have you found the perfect spot for your new desk and managed to pick up a unique piece of furniture? That’s great! The next step is to make your new workspace a bit more attractive and cosier with some decoration. In this respect, we’re strong advocates of the ‘Clean desk, clean mind’ principle. Adding an attractive indoor plant already works wonders, but other accessories such as a small globe, a trendy desk calendar and a unique photo frame also look great on your desk.

Artemide Tolomeo

And, of course, a desk lamp is essential. But beware: avoid making it too cosy because, even though we like warm-white and dimmed light, unfortunately this does not belong in a work environment. A cool-white light colour with a colour temperature of 4000K or higher is closer to daylight, improves our productivity and gives us energy.

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We’re curious about how you have set up your home office, so be sure to tell us in the comments!

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