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In Interior inspiration

By Steven Roziers

Rural interior: tips, tricks and examples

On 14, Oct 2014 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Steven Roziers

A few weeks ago, we’ve discussed Scandinavian interior design. Today we take a closer look at country living. We go through decoration techniques, colour combinations and ofcourse we also give you some lighting suggestions.

The essence of country living

The rural interior style is inspired by the country life. Contrary to the big city, where stress and tensions run wild, the country still basks in tranquility. It’s that feeling they try to turn into a rural interior – by, among others, choice of materials and colours. There are no bright coloured accent walls or arty farty cupboards that scream for attention. Serenity is key.


Wood is omnipresent in a rural interior. That’s no surprise, ’cause the material is easy to find on the countryside. Wood is also easy to process and very durable. Furthermore it oozes warmth and coziness. Wood isn’t only used for furniture, but also for floors, ceilings and walls (paneling for instance).

Landelijk wonen houten meubelen

Robust wooden furniture gives your interior character.

For the upholstery, fabric is the number one choice.The warm look of this material goes perfectly with a rural interior. To emphasize the cozy atmosphere, the couch often gets decorated with a bunch of pillows. Another familiar material in rural interiors is leather.

Landelijk wonen decoratie

The fabric seat, pillows, blankets, carpets and lamp shades all contribute to a cozy setting.

The floors are often paved with raw stone tiles. Also in the kitchen, stone is a popular product, for instance as authentic tiles for the splash wall.

The furniture fittings in rural interiors mostly have a copper or brass finish. We’ll see even more brass and copper further on in rural lighting.

Landelijke keuken

Authentic tile splash wall, metal furniture fittins and a raw stone floor.

Use of colours

Like we’ve said before, there’s no (or very little) room for screamy colours in a rural interior. Soft earthy tones and natural colours are key (broken white, light grey, beige, etc.). If extra colours are added, it will be mild pastels.  Most of the furniture isn’t painted. This way the beautiful wooden structures stay visible.

Landelijk wonen kleuren

Subtle pastels instead of screamy accent colours.


In modern interiors, the shapes used are mainly straight and sleek. Not so with rural interior. There’s room for elegant lines, for instance chairs with extra decorative framings and closets with playful patterns. Don’t overdo it though, you still want to keep it peaceful and authentic.

Decorative pieces

There simply have to be decorative pieces. Unlike modern interiors, where everything has to look as minimal as possible, with just a bare minimum of ‘distractions’, country living screams for decorative pieces.

These decorative pieces can be very diverse. Just think of photo frames, plants, candlesticks, bowls, platters, baskets, … The possibilities are endless! All decoration is in the same earth and gray tones as the rest of the interior.

Landelijk wonen decoratie

Decorative pieces bring a personal touch to the interior.

Lighting for a rural interior

We wouldn’t be worthy of our ‘lighting expert’ label, if we didn’t give you a few suggestions for rural interior lighting. The lamps listed below go perfectly with this soft and gentle style.

Il Fanale Anita

Il Fanale is the go-to brand when it comes to rural lighting. The Anita collection for example, has an authentic look which perfectly fits in a rural interior. The ceramic shade and copper accents make these lamps true eyecatchers.

Il Fanale Anita

Graceful, elegant and stylish… the Anita pendant by Il Fanale.

Moooi Smoke Chandelier

Looking for rural lighting with a unique appearance? Maybe this Moooi Smoke Chandelier is your thing. This design by Maarten Baas stands out because of its asymmetrical design.

Moooi Smoke Chandelier

Only for the bold, the Moooi Smoke Chandelier.

Nautic Essex

The Essex wall light by Nautic is beautiful in its simplicity. The rectangular frame is made in brass, which was treated with an antique antique bronze look. This gives the Essex a warm feel.

Nautic Essex

The Nautic Essex gives a warm impression

Absinthe Vitrum

An alternative for the Nautic Essex is the Absinthe Vitrum, a nice illustration of the power of simplicity. Over more, this fixture is compatible with the new generation of LED lights bulbs.

Absinthe Vitrum

Absinthe Vitrum

Louis Poulsen PH5

You’re probably not surprised to find the Louis Poulsen PH5 in this list. This design classic comes to its own in almost every interior design style – also in a rural one.

Louis Poulsen PH5

The Louis Poulsen PH5 is a timeless beauty.

DM Lights Lasson

Also the DM Lights Lasson collection is a good choice for the fans of rural interiors. This collection consists of six different models.So, there’s something in there for everyone.

DM Lights Lasson

Flos Romeo Soft

Philippe Starck is the creator of many wonderful lamps. The Flos Romeo Soft is one of them. Thanks to its fabric shade, the Romeo Soft immediately sets the right mood.

Flos Romeo Soft

The Romeo Soft is also available as a pendant and a floor lamp.

DM Lights Soprana

If you like the Flos Romeo Soft, you’ll probably love the DM Lights Soprana collection as well. They too have a beautiful fabric shade. Furthermore, there are several versions: floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights and wall lights.

DM Lights Soprana

The Soprana table lamp fits everywhere: in the living room, dining room, the kitchen or the bedroom.

Marset Cala

Marset has a bunch of stunning lights in their range. For a rural interior, we recommend the Cala series. All Cala models have an IP value of 65, which means you can also use the outside.

Marset Cala

Joan Gaspar (the designer) found inspiration in an easel.

Flos 2097

Chandeliers and country living go together like peas and carrots. That’s why the Flos 2097 simply had to be in this list. This design by Gino Sarfatti radiates pure luxury.

Flos 2097

Terzani Hook

The Hook pendant light is a modern interpretation of the classic chandelier. Its graceful shapes and metal frame make this design an excellent choice for a rural living or dining room.

Terzani Hook

Tom Dixon Lustre Light

Our last suggestion is the Tom Dixon Lustre Light. These handmade pendant lights are treated with a special glaze, which gives them a unique colour palette. No two Lustre Lights are the same. The gold-coloured interior brings extra warmth and coziness.

Tom Dixon Lustre Lights

We’ve seen these lamps before, in restaurant Eclectic.

Did you choose a rural interior, but didn’t find your taste in lighting yet? You can always visit our webshop for the rest of our rural lighting!

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