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The perfect lighting for meeting rooms

On 08, Jun 2017 | 2 Comments | In Interior inspiration | By

The lighting of a meeting room is more complex that you might think. There are different factors you need to allow for. For example, light intensity, the position of fixtures, changing lighting needs, and so on.

We have outlined some useful tips below to help you fine tune your meeting room lighting. You can use our contact page to receive personal advice.

The DeltaLight Gaboo pendant lamps are perfectly suited in the black and white colour pallet of this meeting room.

The DeltaLight Gaboo pendant lamps are perfectly suited in the black and white colour pallet of this meeting room. Photo source

Light intensity

The table is – literally – the centrepiece of the meeting room. It’s here where new projects are discussed, tasks followed up on, video conferences held, and much more.

As this is a central point, lighting is extremely important. Working while sitting at a table when it is under-lit is unpleasant. It tires the eyes, which leads to a loss in concentration. Good lighting boosts concentration. This is why the table must be optimally lit.

The European Union have drawn up recommendations with respect to the lighting of rooms in the workplace. According to the NBN-EN 12464-1 standard, a meeting table should have a light intensity of 500 lux with a colour rendering index of 80 Ra.

PS. No idea what the above figures mean? You’re welcome to contact our lighting specialists to find out more. They will be happy to help your find the right lighting for your meeting room.

A bright meeting room boosts concentration.

A bright meeting room boosts concentration. Photo source


The goal is to evenly balance the lighting on the table. This is why setting up fixtures must be aligned with the shape of the meeting table.

For small square tables, a single fixture or a handful of recessed spots are sufficient to do the job. You will need more fixtures to light long meeting tables with 10, 16, or more sitting places.

Remember to consider the other elements in the room. For example, is there a large whiteboard on the wall? If so, you will need to install some spots above it (in a separate lighting circuit). It’s best to place lighting above a cabinet wall.

A single fixture is sufficient for lighting this round meeting table.

A single fixture is sufficient for lighting this round meeting table. Photo source


Meeting rooms are not only used to discuss things with each other. For example, presentations are given, and conference calls are made, etc.

The lighting must provide sufficient flexibility to handle these situations. This is why we recommend dimmable lighting.

You can dim the lighting above the table for presentations. This draws attention to the speaker and still provides enough room to take notes. And all lights can be turned off for video presentations. This ensures the screen is easily readable.

Stylish office lighting with DeltaLight Metronome fixtures.

Modern Office lighting with DeltaLight Metronome fixtures.


Meeting rooms are often used to close important deals met business partners. A stylish interior design will help to win their trust. And lighting certainly is a big part of this.

It’s why you seldom see recessed spots in a meeting room. Although such spots are an excellent choice in practical terms, these are considered ‘dull’.

Companies like to make a statement with designer lighting. A series of eye-catching pendant lamps above the meeting table is guaranteed to impress.

flos skygarden pendant lamps

The white Flos Skygarden pendant lamps provide this meeting room with a stylish touch. Photo source


The Moooi Dear Ingo lights the table like a light emitting spider. Photo source


  1. Using LED lights with color temperatures ranging from 4000-6000k is perfect for a meeting room environment.

    • Steven Roziers

      High colour temperatures are indeed better for maintaining your focus during meetings. Thank you for this valuable addition.

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