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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Outdoor lighting, but slightly different

On 22, Mar 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

‘A garden is a real pleasure’ was the key message of a Flemish government campaign some 10 years ago. The goal of the campaign was to make it easier for people to find their way to professional gardening contractors. Whether the campaign worked or not, people are certainly increasingly paying attention to the layout of their garden and terrace.

A well-tended garden should have appropriate lighting. Naturally, as lighting specialists, we are more than happy to help you find the best garden lighting. You can start by downloading our free E-book for outdoor lighting, which is packed with tips for choosing and installing the perfect outdoor lamps.

BUT… there are other options. You do not have to use pin spots carefully placed under trees or dimmed ground spots along your garden path. Let your imagination run wild and imagine a (playful) garden with room for eye-catchers and original outdoor lamps. We’re happy to share some ideas with you.

Monkey business

Want to liven it up a bit? What could be more delightful than a monkey swinging above the lounge set or clambering up the wall? No, we haven’t lost it. We are referring to the Monkey Outdoor collection by Seletti. These droll little monkeys are available as a pendant, wall, or floor lamp, each in white or black.

Seletti Monkey

Shop Seletti Monkey


A touch of art

Want something a little more artier? Then the Catellani & Smith collection may be perfect for you. You can use the outdoor lighting of this Italian brand to transform any garden into an enchanting oasis of light. For example, you have the Uomo della Luce XXL, a life-size figure of a man holding a huge orb of light. It’s a statement piece that comes with a hefty price tag. Want something a little more modest? At a fraction of the price, you can use the fairy-like Catellani & Smith More outdoor lamps to similarly create magic.

Catellani & Smith Uomo della Luce

Shop Catellani & Smith Uomo della Luce


Catellani & Smith More

Shop Catellani & Smith More


Unique garden lampposts

Garden lampposts are ideal for properly lighting your garden. We can usually divide these garden lamps into two broad categories, plinth lamps that radiate all around and lampposts with a light directed downwards. However, within these two categories, you will find plenty of original garden lampposts.

Our favourites:

The Bover Cornet garden lampposts that, thanks to their rippled layers, blend in harmoniously with the natural character of a planted garden or contrast beautifully with a sleek minimalist garden.

Bover Cornet

Shop Bover Cornet


The Artemide Piroscafo garden lampposts look like periscopes emerging from under your lawn. They provide a playful accent as well as a very pleasant warm white light.

Artemide Piroscafo

Shop Artemide Piroscafo


Another garden lamppost apparently emerging from the ground under its own steam is the Granito. It is also an Artemide design. The ‘cracks’ along the sides of the square lamppost create a beautiful lighting effect on the ground.

Artemide Granito

Shop Artemide Granito


Had an accident? The SLV Bendo lamppost looks like a ride-on mower was driven a bit recklessly, but it is actually just a fun design with a wink. It is very suitable for lighting paths thanks to the downward light.

SLV Bendo

Shop SLV Bendo


Which lamp is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section.

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