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In Novelties

By Elke Leemans

Nordlux novelties

On 18, Nov 2020 | No Comments | In Novelties | By Elke Leemans

Just a few more weeks until winter starts. Whereas we normally warm up at Christmas markets, winter shopping days, and family parties during these cold winter months, this year, we’ll have to make do with making our homes cosy. Nordlux has already launched some fun novelties that can provide the right mood lighting.

Scandinavian design for a low price

Anyone looking for Scandinavian lighting will soon find the well-known designer brands, which often also come with a designer price tag. They don’t do that at Nordlux. Ever since it was founded in 1977, the Danish light manufacturer’s mission has been to offer high-quality lighting at a competitive price. Their latest creations also fit perfectly into this picture.

Nordlux Balance

Scandinavian design is all about simplicity and functionality. The Balance lamps clean lines, round shapes, and matt black finish are a perfect complement to a Nordic interior. The philosophy behind Maria Berntsen’s minimalist design is that the Balance lamps do not take up unnecessary space in the interior thanks to their flat design.

Nordlux Balance

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Nordlux Lilt

Another minimalist newcomer to Nordlux is the Lilt. Thanks to their clean design and pleasantly warm light, these elongated pendant lamps are the perfect lighting for above your dining table or kitchen island. You can easily dim the light in three stages using your standard switch to make it extra cosy. Nordlux uses the patented Moodmaker technology for this, which can also be found in their Balance range.

Nordlux Lilt

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Nordlux Piso

The Piso pendant and ceiling lamps stand out precisely because of their unobtrusiveness. The design in elegant grey metal excels in simplicity. There’s dim-to-warm technology under the grey lampshade. The built-in LED bulb takes on a warmer tone when you dim the lamp. Cosiness guaranteed.

Nordlux Piso

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Nordlux Miry

The Miry pendant lamps are the result of a successful marriage between metal and milk glass. Miry’s grey version looks similar to the Piso. The black version of this lamp adds a bold touch. By allowing the glass to return at both the top and bottom, Nordlux ensures that the light from the Miry is diffused optimally. This provides a pleasant light throughout the entire room.

Nordlux Miry

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Nordlux Cera

The Nordlux Cera responds eagerly to the brass trend that has prevailed for some time. The minimalist shape, together with the stylish matt gold finishes make this pendant lamp a warm addition to any interior. Hang a few above your kitchen island or dining table for a subtle colour accent in your home.

Nordlux Cera

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Nordlux Orbiform

The Orbiform collection is the maverick in this batch of new Nordlux lamps. Where the other novelties are a paragon of simplicity, the Orbiform models exude the lure of luxury and glamour. The glass with its diamond pattern is reminiscent of the grandeur of earlier times, while the matt brass responds perfectly to today’s interior trends. The glass shade provides a nice refraction of light, which means the Orbiforms guarantee a pleasant ambience.

Nordlux Orbiform

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Smart by Nordlux

In addition to a great selection of decorative lamps, Nordlux recently presented its range of smart lighting. The range currently consists of six ‘smart bulbs’, a remote control, and a smart sensor.

The Nordlux Smart series runs on Bluetooth Mesh. We use Bluetooth technology to connect our mobile phone to our car, speakers, etc. and now also to our Nordlux lamps. Mesh basically works like a net. This refers to the fact that the lamps are connected to each other, which makes your Bluetooth connection go even further. The nearest lamp communicates with the farthest ceiling lamp in a flash via other products!

Nordlux Smart

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