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In Novelties

By Elke Leemans

New at dmlights: DCW éditions

On 26, May 2021 | No Comments | In Novelties | By Elke Leemans

French lighting brand DCW éditions designs lamps inspired by the iconic designs of yesteryear. The result? Timeless and durable lighting with a touch of nostalgia for bygone days. Discover the most popular DCW éditions collections and be delightfully surprised by the varied range.

Lampe Gras

To understand the Lampe Gras collection better, we need to travel back in time a bit – more specifically to the year 1921, when Bernard-Albin Gras, one of the most innovative designers of his time, launched this design icon in the market. The design of the Gras lamp was well ahead of its time, thanks to its functional and ergonomic shape and amazing details. Swiss-French architect le Corbusier so admired the Gras lamps that he used them in his projects around the world.

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier and the Lampe Gras.

DCW éditions reintroduced the iconic Lampe Gras in 2008. There are now more than 40 models to discover and enjoy, ranging from table lamps and wall lamps to pendant lamps. Not only that, but each model is available in a variety of colour combinations, guaranteeing the perfect match for your interior. Thanks to its modest design, the Lampe Gras fits in seamlessly with virtually any type of interior style. Something for everyone!

Inspired by the original Lampe Gras from 1921, the following collections are now offered by DCW éditions:

Lampe Gras: The original collection, comprising table lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps and floor lamps. Get inspired by unique designs and countless colour combinations!

DCW éditions Lampe Gras 205

Shop Lampe Gras


Lampe Gras Outdoor: Brighten up your outdoor space with durable wall lamps and floor lamps designed for outdoor use.

DCW éditions Lampe Gras Outdoor 411

Shop Lampe Gras Outdoor


Les Acrobates de Gras: These pendant lamps perform all kinds of acrobatic tricks high in the air at your command. Experiment with the height and width, combine several lamps and colours and produce an interplay of lines in the room. All of the models in this collection can be easily combined to create your own unique configuration of pendant lamps. Perfect for the creative and bold!

DCW éditions Les Acrobates de Gras 323

Shop Les Acrobates de Gras


Les Doubles de Gras: An iconic design twice over. The dual lamps are wonderfully convenient for installing above your headboard or work area in the kitchen. And they only need one electrical outlet!

DCW éditions Les Doubles de Gras 203

Shop Les Doubles de Gras



The popular Mantis collection dates back to 1951. Designer Bernard Schottlander created the Mantis lamps with a timeless character and elegant design. The cleverly devised system of counterweights and strong metal tubes guarantees a solid construction.

With a bit of imagination, the design of the lamps in the Mantis collection brings to mind a praying mantis, hence the name. Whether you choose the desk lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp or floor lamp, each and every one of the DCW Mantis lamps is a decorative addition to any interior. Thanks to the rotatable lampshade, you can position – and reposition– the Mantis to meet your lighting needs at all times. In a nutshell, a functional and characteristic design that looks magnificent in virtually any interior style.

DCW éditions Mantis BS 1

Shop Mantis


Here Comes the Sun

Switch on this pendant lamp and you’ll be picturing yourself on a white sandy beach early in the morning watching the sun rise. Here Comes the Sun is the perfect name for a lamp that appears to open up, releasing light into the space. The pendant lamp spreads a delightfully soft light along both the bottom of the lamp and in the opening. Find the perfect model for your interior from six different sizes and four different colours and enjoy the rising sun every day inside your home.

This lamp was also originally designed in the 20th century – 1969 to be exact – the same year The Beatles released the song ‘Here Comes the Sun’.

DCW éditions Here Comes The Sun

Shop Here Comes the Sun


In The Sun

The little lamps in this intriguing lamp collection range are sun-sational! They literally make your interior shine: the serrated lampshade produces a magnificent interplay of light and shadow on your walls.

This stunning and exceptional lamp adds a touch of luxury to your interior thanks to various combinations in stylish gold and/or silver. The round back plate makes this unique lamp a real eyecatcher for your home.

Enjoy some sunshine in your home with a versatile wall or ceiling light, a lovely hanging lamp or handy dimmable table lamp. The first two can be used individually as an eyecatcher or in a group to make a delightful statement.

DCW éditions In The Sun

Shop In The Sun


In The Tube

In The Tube is a diverse collection of lamps with an industrial look. This family of lamps comprises a variety of lengths, diameters and colours. The colour of the lamp determines the colour of the light: the silver lamp produces a cooler and more functional light, while the golden model emits a cosy, warm light. Thanks to the movable gauze within the lamp, the light is always soft and filtered.

The light-emitting industrial tube can be used almost anywhere in your home. Set it up horizontally or vertically as a wall lamp, use it as a table lamp or hang it from the ceiling as a pendant lamp using the suspension kit. Whichever way you turn it, the In The Tube lamps always emit 360° of light.

DCW éditions In The Tube

Shop In The Tube



For those who love the style of the 1950s, this collection is definitely a must have. The Biny from DCW éditions is named after its designer, Jacque Biny, who produced modern lighting with a focus on functionality during the 50s.

The most popular lamps in this collection are definitely the Biny Bedside lamps. Each bedside lamp has both a rotatable spotlight and a fixed lamp with adjustable slats that let you adapt the direction of the soft, warm light.

DCW éditions Biny Bedside

Shop Biny


Which DCW éditions collection is the perfect finishing touch for your home? Let us know in the comments section.

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