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In Novelties

By Elke Leemans

New at dmlights: BuzziSpace

On 07, Jul 2021 | No Comments | In Novelties | By Elke Leemans

The dmlights product range is extensive and contains something for everyone. In order to respond to emerging trends and developments, our range is regularly updated with new brands and collections. We’re therefore happy to introduce you to BuzziSpace, the youngest member of our family.

Acoustics as a starting point

BuzziSpace was founded by Steve Symons in 2007, and over the years, it has become an award-winning leader in the field of acoustics. The brand strongly believes in the role of acoustics in creating a pleasant living and working environment. BuzziSpace’s great passion is to create decorative lighting, furniture, and home accessories with a soundproof character.

The combination of sound-absorbing materials and well thought-out designs ensures that part of the sound in the room is absorbed. This makes staying in noisy rooms much more pleasant. This includes places like offices with an open floor plan, rooms with high ceilings, or modern buildings with a lot of glass.

The BuzziSpace collection is playful, high-quality, and daring. They are all successful designs that radiate colour and fun. The brand has a varied range of acoustic solutions, with products for both the office and the home. So it’s no surprise that the Antwerp company has developed into an international player, with showrooms in Antwerp, New York, and Chicago. They even have their own production facility in the Netherlands.


Craftsmanship, sustainability, and passion

BuzziSpace is synonymous with craftsmanship, sustainability, and passion.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the production process at BuzziSpace. Stitching and upholstering the lighting is a real art. Thanks to over 100 years of combined expertise, the brand has established itself as a sector leader. The employees in the production facility work hard day after day to produce high-quality products.

Sustainability has been a BuzziSpace core value from the very beginning. The materials used to make the products, such as felt and fabric, are made from recycled plastic bottles and wool. In addition, they ensure that the felt waste and the used foam are correctly recycled for further use in other applications.

Passion is the driving force behind the brand. Steve Symons started the company in 2007 and he is still the creative spirit behind BuzziSpace. This dedication is reflected in every element of the organisation, where they work hard every day to deliver high quality.


Extensive range of lighting

In recent years, BuzziSpace has added an extensive lighting collection to its portfolio. This brand’s lamps are colourful, daring, and of very high quality. They set the mood with a soft touch that can be used in various environments. We would like to tell you more about our favourite designs.


Impressive yet surprisingly lightweight pendant lamp. The fashion world and its well-known smocking and pleating techniques were the main source of inspiration for the BuzziPleat. The fabric of this distinctive lamp is carefully sewn by hand, which takes about two hours. The folds in the design, together with the BuzziFelt material, provide a soundproofing effect.

BuzziSpace BuzziPleat

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The BuzziProp pendant lamp has a minimalist design with soft curves covered in fabric. The wide, cylindrical design and the fabric lampshade filled with foam ensure an acoustic improvement. A characteristic of BuzziSpace’s lighting is the wide range of colours you can choose from, and this is no different for this BuzziProp.

BuzziSpace BuzziProp

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This popular design is shaped like a classic lampshade, but with a fun twist. The stitching on the side adds a playful touch to the design. The BuzziShade is made of recycled felt, which gives the lamp a bold but welcoming look. If you hang this lamp above the sound source, such as a conference table, it absorbs a significant part of the sound.

BuzziSpace BuzziShade

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Want to make a real statement with your lighting? Then this is the lamp for you. This contemporary version of the Moorish lantern is made up of two layers. When the BuzziChandelier is on, it creates an intriguing play of light and shadow on the walls. This is the ideal lighting for a high stairwell or a noisy cocktail bar.

BuzziSpace BuzziChandelier

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