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Mirror lights: advice and suggestions

On 17, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Lighting tips and advice | By

the element we use most in the bathroom is not the shower or the bathtub, but rather the washbasin(s). We do all kinds of things here: brush our teeth, fix our hair, apply make-up, etc. It’s much easier to do all of this if you have the right mirror lights.

But buying and installing mirror lights comes with a lot of questions. We will try to answer all of these questions in this article.

Make sure there are cables in the right place

Are you building a new home or renovating an old bathroom? Then it’s best to think about mirror lights beforehand. After all, these lights require a power cable. Naturally, these must be in the right place. Good preparation saves you a lot of headache later on.

All you need for the connection is a normal electricity cable with a diameter of 1.5 mm².

Go for diffused light

Mirror lighting must be diffused. This means that it must spread throughout the space in an even, uniform manner. This prevents hard shadows.

In deze badkamer zien we de Flos Mini Glo Ball wandlampen.

You can see the Flos Mini Glo Ball wall lamps in this bathroom.

Positioning of the mirror lighting

Have you thought about where you’re going to hang your mirror lighting?

Most people install a light above the mirror. That’s perfectly fine. But there’s an even better solution. Professional make-up artists from television and movie studios put lights along the left and right sides of the mirror so that the face is lit from two angles. There is less chance of shadows this way.

A light underneath the mirror is not a good idea.

modular lighting spiegellamp

Two Modular Lighting Nomad Linestra fixtures illuminate this bathroom furniture.

Light colour of the mirror lighting

Obviously, you’ll want white light. RGB lighting around a mirror is pretty useless. But even white light comes in different tints.

We recommend a medium warm white light of approximately 3000 K. This brings out the natural hues of your hair better. Extra warm white (2700 K) discolours things too much, while cool white light (4000 K) makes everything look too drab.

IP classification

We have often mentioned the minimum IP value of a fixture in previous articles on bathroom lighting. This is because some ceiling and wall lamps must be protected from contact with water for safety reasons. This is not the case with mirror lighting. These lights hang more than 60 cm above the washbasin’s tap, which means you can use IPX1 lighting.


This SLV Q-Line has a sleek, modern design.

A design that perfectly suits your bathroom

Up to this point, we’ve primarily talked about the practical aspects. But aesthetics play a big part too. Mirror lighting has to tie in with the interior of the rest of the bathroom.

Everyone should be able to find something suitable from the over 100 fixtures available. You’ll find mirror lighting in our e-shop that ranges from traditional designs to truly designer pieces that wouldn’t be amiss in a sleek, minimalistic bathroom.

Do you love symmetry? Then perhaps you’re looking for mirror lighting that is as long as the mirror itself? That’s not a problem for us because you can have one custom-made. Contact our helpdesk to discuss your needs.

Smart mirror lighting

We’re seeing smart lighting everywhere, even in the bathroom. Philips recently launched the Hue Adore. This mirror has an illuminated frame and you can adjust the colour an intensity of the lighting (using your smartphone or the Hue Dimmer Switch, which is included). For example, opt for a soft glow during a relaxing bath. Or vary the light colour throughout the day: warm white in the morning and cool white in the afternoon.


The light in this mirror with built-in lighting can change colour.

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