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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Meet the designer: Michael Anastassiades

On 25, May 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

Today, we’re getting acquainted with Michael Anastassiades and his most popular designs. This London-based designer with over 20 years of experience has already designed many highly successful lamps for the Italian designer brand, Flos. Be inspired by his creativity and discover the top designs from this renowned designer.

Harmony between object and environment

Michael Anastassiades is without doubt one of the most important designers from Flos, the pioneer of Italian designer lighting with a designer label that is valued very highly worldwide. Anastassiades has already had great success with his designs for Flos. We can best describe his lighting as minimalist and contemporary, where form and function are central. He has never seen lamps as isolated objects: he always designs lighting with the idea that it needs to be in harmony with its surroundings.

Discover the most popular Michael Anastassiades designs and be amazed by their classy looks with minimalist forms and high functionality.

Top designs by Michael Anastassiades for Flos

IC Lights

Anastassiades designed the IC Lights family of lamps for Flos, which immediately became one of this Italian designer label’s most celebrated collections. What was his inspiration for this simple yet extremely attractive design? It came from a juggler performing all sorts of tricks with a balancing ball. The result is a beautiful, luminous ‘pearl’ balanced on a straight, sleek bar. This stylish and enchanting collection is very extensive and available in no fewer than four different colours (chrome, brushed brass, red burgundy, and black), making it suitable for a wide range of interior styles. Already a true design classic!

Flos IC Lights

Shop Flos IC Lights


String Light

In short, the Flos String Light collection is hugely creative and flexible: you can create geometric patterns of your choice, throughout your room or along your ceiling and/or walls, with the long, thin electrical wires. This exceptional design by Anastassiades is a perfect example of how to design lighting in harmony with its surroundings. The String Light pendant lamp has also been designed so that you can position one in any corner of the room, which is extremely useful if you want lighting where there is no easy access to a power supply.

Flos String Light

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Captain Flint

Captain Flint is a lovely floor lamp in a sleek and elegant design. Can you see what we see? In this design, Anastassiades has combined the sophisticated String Light lampshade with the graceful IC Lights body, completing the creation with a stylish marble base for a luxurious look. The lampshade is also easy to direct, so you can use this charming floor lamp as a reading light (direct light) or as ambient light by shining it upwards along the wall (indirect light).

Flos Captain Flint

Shop Flos Captain Flint



This relatively new collection from Flos immediately catches the eye when you enter the room. Anastassiades has created a complex yet minimalist ensemble of luminous tubes, giving your interior an industrial feel. The result is an impressive grid pattern in a luxurious champagne colour that immediately attracts attention in any space. With no fewer than 25 different configurations for this eye-catcher, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches the room where you want to hang it.

Flos Coordinates

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Honourable mentions

Are you, like us, completely sold on Flos and the Michael Anastassiades style? Then we have some good news for you because this world-class designer has created lots of lamps for the Italian lighting brand in addition to the leading collections listed above. We therefore have honourable mentions for the following collections:

Do you have one (or more) of the above Michael Anastassiades designs to show off in your interior? Then make sure you let us know in the comments!

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