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By Lindsay Peetermans

Make it extra cosy with the right light

On 04, Mar 2020 | No Comments | In Uncategorised | By Lindsay Peetermans

Everyone wants cosy interior design But lovely furniture and home accessories can be a wasted effort if you don’t install the right lighting. That’s why we’d like to give you a few tips to ensure your home always has the right ambience.

Warm light colour

A room’s ambience depends largely on the light temperature. The colour temperature of a light source is conventionally expressed kelvins (K). The higher the number of kelvins, the cooler the light will be – ideal for company offices or showrooms, for example. Do you want to make it cosier? Then it’s best to opt for a lower light temperature. To feel completely at ease in your living room, we recommend a warm light temperature of 2700 – 3000K.

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Dimmable lamps

Relaxing at home in the evenings after hard day’s work is a wonderful feeling. Dimmable lighting can be blissfully relaxing for your eyes. You can choose the perfect light strength to suit you. Did you know that a light’s output is expressed in lumen (lm)? The more lumens, the brighter the light will be.

We also have dimmable lamps that become warmer in colour the more they’re dimmed. So you can make it extra cosy at home. Philips, Wever & Ducré, Delta Light and Modular Lighting all have so-called dim-to-warm lamps in their ranges. You can use smart lighting to dim your lights and determine what colour they are.

Indirect lighting

When you mention the word ‘lighting’, people often think of the light shining directly on a desired object or place. But indirect lighting also can have surprising, atmospheric effect. When light from a wall lamp reflects off a wall, it can result in a much more pleasant ambience. Or install LED strip lighting behind a cabinet and see how it illuminates the room in a beautiful way. You can even set up directional floor or table lamps to reflect light in a more playful way.

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Accent lighting

Do you want to emphasise a particular work of art. or give your interior a creative feel? Then accent lighting is the right choice for you. The main difference from other lamps is the ray of light’s opening angle. Accent lighting has a narrower angle, which – as the name suggests – places an extra accent in the room. A lamp aimed at a painting, or a spotlight to highlight your collection of books? Perfect. Follow all these tips and your living room is sure to score 10 out of 10 for ambience and cosiness!

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