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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Interior trends for 2021

On 06, Jan 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

As always, the start of the new year comes with a prediction of the trends expected to become popular.  Curious about what 2021 has to offer in terms of interior design? Discover the trend colours, shapes and materials for the coming year together with us and get inspired.

Dark blue

In 2020, dark blue was clearly a trend colour and this is not expected to change. It’s easier on the eyes than black, adds more character to your home and is easy to combine with the other colours in the space. In other words, a dark blue interior has nothing but pros! So, don’t hesitate to choose this trend colour for an accent wall or opt for a less drastic make-over with a furniture piece in luxurious dark blue.

&tradition Copenhagen

Shop &tradition Copenhagen


Light woods

Pale woods seem to be inextricably linked to a Scandinavian interior, but 2021 will see that light woods are also increasingly found in other interior styles. A wooden dining table with a steel frame, for example, fits in perfectly with an industrial interior. And wooden flooring can be seamlessly integrated into any style of home. How about an attractive pendant lamp made of light wood above the table or kitchen island?

Modular Lighting Tulip

Shop Modular Lighting Tulip


Shades of grey

Is grey boring? Anything but! Grey is growing rapidly in popularity once more, but this time with a fun twist. Picture a nonchalant concrete look on walls, sleek poured floors or light grey home accessories with a dash of taupe, mauve or green running through them. Grey is a welcome basic colour for your interior that can also be beautifully combined with all other trends showcased in this article.

&tradition Flowerpot

Shop &tradition Flowerpot


Organic, round shapes

Like last year, organically shaped furniture is hot. No more sharp edges or angular designs, but an oval coffee table or spherical lamp that give any interior a warm and inviting look & feel. Tip for added ambiance and warmth: combine organic shapes with a soft texture like velvet or velour.

Muuto Strand

Shop Muuto Strand



The 70s and 80s are making a comeback and that means that glass furniture is back in fashion too. Whether muted, coloured or transparent, glass is cool in 2021. So, scramble on over to your nearest second-hand shop for a vintage glass cabinet or get yourself a sleek glass door. Our e-shop is perfect for shopping for glass lighting in all shapes and sizes.

Brokis Balloons

Shop Brokis Balloons


Sustainable design

Sustainability continues to be the focus in interior design, also in 2021. Not surprisingly, design and sustainability go hand in hand, with more and more brands taking major steps to develop products that respect people, nature and animals, from recycled materials with a lower impact on the environment to high-quality lighting that lasts for decades.

Ay Illuminate

Shop Ay Illuminate Z11


Which trend is your favourite or soon to be part of your updated interior? Let us know in the comments!

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