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Indirect lighting goes anywhere – some examples

On 29, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration, Lighting tips and advice | By Steven Roziers

Indirect lighting is surprisingly versatile. It can be used in almost any space in the entire house. It sets the right mood and it looks classy.

Do you want to apply indirect lighting yourself in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or garden? You’ve come to the right place. On this page you can find useful pointers and great examples.

In the kitchen

Let’s start in the kitchen. The kitchen used to be a practical room – a place to make dinner and that’s it. Those days are long gone, now it’s the center piece of the house. It’s a place to cook, sit down for a family chat and to entertain your friends.

That’s why more and more people use indirect lighting in their kitchen. It’s a nice eyecatcher, which accentuates certain elements. Of course it’s still best to also use some good old spots or suspension lamps to illuminate the main work areas.

There are different possibilities to place indirect light in your kitchen.

You could for example hide LED strips in a semi-transparant kitchen wall. It nicely accentuates the depth of the kitchen counter. You can either choose a subtle soft light or go for a playful look with a coloured RGB LED strip. As an alternative, you can also put LED strips in the bottom of a kitchen cabinet.

Indirecte verlichting keuken

Indirect light behind a semi-transparant kitchen wall, subtle yet stylish.

You can also use indirect light in the pedestal, on which the kitchen rests. If you use this technique the right way, the entire kitchen seems to float – a fun and remarkable effect.

Indirecte verlichting keuken

Lighting in a pedestal can easily be applied to existing kitchens.

Of course, let’s not forget the ceiling. In many contemporary kitchens you’ll find a kitchen island. This means the extractor hood has to be mounted against the ceiling. In most cases, a dropped ceiling is installed to nicely hide all extraction pipes. With some indirect lighting, you can give this element a classy touch.

Indirecte verlichting keuken

Indirect light can be a great accent to a dropped ceiling.

In the living room

Time to leave the kitchen behind and go to the living room. There’s also plenty of choice here. However, most people simply go for indirect lighting against the wall or ceiling.

Modular Lighting Indirecte verlichting

The light subtly seeps through to the walls and the ceiling.

Modular Lighting indirecte verlichting

With RGB LED strips, you can easily adapt the color of your indirect lighting.

Even under a book shelf or TV cabinet indirect light can work miracles. The advantage of this technique is that the lights or LED strips can easily be mounted.

In the bathroom

Also the bathroom offers numerous possibilities. For example, you can accentuate a wall (just like in the living room) or use indirect lighting underneath the bath tub. Or, you can even combine indirect lighting with the right amount of candles to create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere.

Modular Lighting indirecte verlichting badkamer

Even in a separate toilet, indirect lighting can make a difference. Just connect this lights to a motion sensor so they switch on during a nightly visit.

Indirecte verlichting badkamer

A great idea; indirect lighting in a hollow wall which also hides the rinsing tube of the suspended toilet.

The stairs

You might not expect it, but indirect lighting also adds some extra value when it’s placed in the stairs. Not only does it look classy, it also comes in handy when you need to use the stairs at night.

Indirecte verlichting trap


Indirecte verlichting trap

As an alternative, LED recessed lights can be used.

In the garden

Lighting the garden path can also be done with indirect lighting. Get yourself a waterproof LED tube and use it to follow the contours of the path or to highlight the terrace. Prepare for jealous looks from your neighbours!

LED strips tuinpad

Do you want to apply indirect lighting yourself in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or garden?
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