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Get creative with recessed spots

On 24, Oct 2018 | No Comments | In Lighting tips and advice | By

We don’t give recessed spots nearly as much attention as we should. Probably because they aren’t as prominent as pendant lamps or table lamps. That’s unfortunate; because getting creative with recessed spots is the perfect way to give your interior some added cachet. Keep reading and get inspired.


We often tend towards symmetry when installing spots in the ceiling. And yet, there’s a more creative solution out there.

Take a look at the building plan below.


In the first instance, we’d break up the hallway based on a grid. That means, recessed spots straight down the middle of the ceiling, maybe with some space on each side. Simply symmetrical, right?

But you can think outside the box. Look at the main element in this space for a minute. The closet is the most important thing there. You absolutely want enough light there. That’s why we went for two recessed spots here.

Moreover, we’ve lit the passageway to the living room. Again, we’ve used two asymmetrically installed ceiling spots.


This asymmetry will make the entryway feel much brighter than if we had put it all in the middle of the ceiling. That’s because we only experience light when it falls on something. In this case, that something is the closet and wall.

Black spots, white ceiling

An overwhelming majority of homes have white ceilings in them. So, it makes sense to buy white recessed spots, right?

Absolutely not. Because contrast is beautiful too. You’re making a real design statement by using black spots in a white ceiling. They accentuate the height of the space and create depth.

After all, there’s a plethora of choices. There are over 1,000 black recessed spots in our e-shop.


This Wever & Ducre Deep has a black trim and interior.

Trimless recessed spots

Are you a minimalist? Do you love straight lines and even surfaces? Then opt for trimless recessed spots, like the Modular Lighting Multiple Trimless. These fixtures are installed in the ceiling using a special frame. The plasterer neatly hides the frame with plaster so that only a seamlessly integrated recessed light remains.


Trimless recessed spots fit perfectly into this modern kitchen.

Outstanding recessed spots

When we say ‘outstanding’, we’re not just referring to the built quality of our recessed spots (because that’s always impeccable), but the shape as well. We have a wide range of recessed spots that partially stick out from the ceiling. Like the Wever & Ducre Spyder and the Deltalight Minispy. This is yet another fun, creative way to design your ceiling lighting.

P.S.: many of these spots are adjustable, which is really useful when you want to spotlight a specific piece of furniture or a decorative piece.


This kind of recessed spot is perfect for slanted ceilings.

XL recessed spots

Good things come in small packages. Or maybe you still want an extra-large recessed spot? After all, XL spots in your ceiling give the whole space a unique touch.

Big ceiling spots offer additional possibilities. The Flos Skygarden Recessed Spot is the perfect example of this. The inside was given a stylish floral pattern, which isn’t usually possible with a standard spot.


Just like the pendant lamp, this Skygarden recessed spot also has a floral pattern.

Changing light colours

Creative ceiling lighting can also be practical. For example, the Philips Hue Milliskin changes between cool and warm light using the wireless remote that is included with it. The ambience can be changed in an instant from concentration to relaxation. That makes this recessed spot even more versatile.


Cool or warm white light: what’s your preference?

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