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One Comment

In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Flos String Light: the acrobat in every room

On 16, Nov 2021 | One Comment | In Interior inspiration, Novelties | By Elke Leemans

Are you familiar with the String Light pendant lamps by Flos? These stylish pendant lamps are real acrobats in your interior. Get to know this eye-catching pendant lamp and discover it in two new colours.

Personalise your eye-catcher

You can really go all out with the String Light pendant lamps from the Italian designer label Flos. Choose between a cable length of 12 or 22 metres and suspend the lamps around your room to please your eye. Prefer a sleek subtle look or some striking geometric figures? Let your creativity run wild! Whatever arrangement you choose, the String Light is sure to steal the show in your home.

Flos String Light Cone Head Black

Soft shapes or sleek lines?

This hip pendant lamp is available in two different versions. The Sphere Head is the model of choice for lovers of soft round shapes. The lower half of the lampshade has a matt finish that provides a pleasant and soft diffused light.

Or do you prefer sleek lines? Then the Cone Head model may just be what you are looking for. This conical lampshade has a stylish and elegant character. The light itself is hidden deeper in the lampshade than in the Sphere Head, so you also enjoy an even distribution of light.

Flos String Light

Choose the colour that you like best.

If you are already familiar with this Flos eye-catcher, you probably know that it was only available in black up until now. Is it not exactly what you’re looking for? Good news! From now on, this artistic acrobat is also available in elegant white and fashionable blue. What colour suits your interior?

Flos String Light Blue

Save energy

Besides the arrival of two new colours, the technology of this lamp family has also been optimised. The entire String Light assortment of pendant lamps (including the black model) were upgraded and now use less energy. So, it’s great for your interior as well as your electricity bill.

How do you want to use it?

Well, the String Light has an almost endless list of advantages, so we will end off with one just more plus point. The lamp can be easily operated with a touch dimmer on top of the lampshade. Are you completely in tune with the latest technology? Then you can also choose a model with a Casambi dimmer. You install the Casambi app on your smartphone and use it to control your new eye-catcher.

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  1. This is the first time i come across string lights. Its looks vey i catching. In fact in our world we don’t have such usage of string light.

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