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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Discover the possibilities with outdoor spots

On 14, Jul 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

Summer is the season when we enjoy our garden the most. A pleasant, balmy summer evening is not complete without the right mood lighting. With spot lighting, you can light up your garden not only with a great ambience, but also practically.

Ground spots

Ground spots are perhaps the best example of mood and practical garden lighting. Are your garden paths surrounded by hedges or trees? Then place the ground spots alongside your path: not only will the path be visible in the dark, but you will also enjoy the mood light shining upwards along the bushes or trees, creating a beautiful play of light and shadow.

Of course, ground spots also add value in other areas of your garden. For example, place them under a tree or garden statue in your backyard and surprise yourself with the wonderful floodlights in the dark. And ground spots also create magnificent lighting effects along stairs and on the façade. In brief, the possibilities are almost endless.

Delta Light Logic

Unlike most ground spots that emit upward, vertical light, the Delta Light Logic is an eccentric in this lighting category. The spotlight disperses light horizontally through one or two openings, making it the ideal ground spot for illuminating your garden, path, and driveways.

Delta Light Logic

Shop Delta Light Logic


SLV Dasar Bullseye

Another eccentric is the Dasar Bullseye from SLV. The spherical lamp of this ground spot protrudes above the surface of the ground, which makes the ‘eye’ easy to direct. This ground spot not only puts everything you want in the spotlight, but the spot itself can also be called a real eye-catcher.

SLV Dasar

Shop SLV Dasar Bullseye


Pin spots

Pin spots are real mood creators for your garden! The rotating lamp allows you to point the light anywhere you like. In brief, a pin spot is the perfect outdoor lamp to use as accent lighting. Point one or more of these spots at a beautiful tree, exclusive statue, or place them among the bushes. Moreover, they are easier to install than ground spots because the connection is made above ground.

Do pin spots interest you, but you don’t have the option of pinning them into soft ground? Then good news, there are quite a few spot models with a removable pin. A mounting plate can be used to mount the spot on hard surfaces.

Absinthe by dmlights Doran

Want an easy-to-install spot with a timeless design and at a low price? This is undoubtedly the Doran, one of the most popular lights of our house brand. Its popularity is likely due to the combination of quality materials and a simple appearance.

Absinthe by dmlights Doran

Shop Absinthe by dmlights Doran


Philips Hue Lily starterkit

Are you a fan of smart lighting? Then we probably don’t need to introduce the Philips Hue to you. This handy starter kit consists of three garden spots (with removable pin), extension cables, connectors, mounting parts and, of course, a power supply with plug. Moreover, these garden spots are easy to install and extend.

Philips Hue Lily

Shop Philips Hue Lily starterkit


Recessed spots

When we think of recessed spotlights, we usually think lighting in indoor areas. However, there is also a wide assortment of spots that are suitable for outdoor use. Although they may be less useful in your garden than ground spots or pin spots, they are still handy for illuminating dark corners.

Does your house or garden house have a roof overhang? Then you can install recessed spots in the overhang. It subtly illuminates your façade and paths around your house or garden shed. In fact, recessed spots can also provide diffuse light in the dark under a carport or patio roof.

SG Lighting Jupiter Outdoor

Do you want to highlight your façade in a subtle way or shine more light on your paths? Then this convenient and inexpensive recessed spot is perfect for you because it is easily adjustable, which allows you to shine the light where you want it. Moreover, you can choose between a sleek white model and stylish black model.

SG Lighting Jupiter

Shop SG Lighting Jupiter Outdoor


Wever & Ducré Rini Sneak

Give your roof overhang an architectural touch with this unique and elegant recessed spot from the Belgian designer brand Wever & Ducré. Rini Sneak is justly named: the lamp and lampshade literally ‘peep out’ of the ceiling. Thanks to the design, the light is focused so that it is less likely to dazzle you. This minimalist recessed spot is also available in the contemporary colours black and white.

Wever & Ducré Rini Sneak

Shop Wever & Ducré Rini Sneak


Mounted spots

A surface-mounted spot is the perfect wall light for your garden. Thanks to the directional lamp, you can light in any direction. Place the spot against your façade and point it wherever you like: the driveway, paths, or a beautiful tree? It’s all possible! You can even point it at the façade itself, creating a beautiful play of light and shadow along the walls.

You can do the same with the walls of your garden shed, carport, garden fence, and patio roof. With the latter you can, for example, creatively play with the distribution of light by aiming the mounted spot diagonally upwards and having it reflect on the ceiling. This is how you can create mood lighting and are not blinded by the light from the spot. Pro R

Available in four different colours (white, grey, anthracite, and black), this incredibly stylish surface-mounted spot for outdoor use is sure to add a touch of luxury to your façade, wall, or garden fence. Pro R

Shop Pro R


Steinel Spot Duo S Connect

The Steinel double spot is perhaps the best example of practical outdoor lighting. In addition to two practical spots, it has a few hidden talents, such as a motion detector and a light sensor. Moreover, you can use the accompanying app to connect to it using Bluetooth, which allows you to set lighting timetables, and more, for your lamps.

Steinel Spot Duo

Shop Steinel Spot Duo S Connect


Which outdoor spot do you want?

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