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In Interior inspiration

By Elke Leemans

Add some ambience to your patio roof

On 22, Mar 2021 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Elke Leemans

The outdoor season is fast approaching. This means we are all preparing our gardens for the spring and summer so that we can enjoy them in the coming months. We like to spend time on our terrace in sunny weather. We can make our own little outdoor living space even more pleasant thanks to a patio roof. Do you already have a patio roof or are you planning on installing one? Be inspired by our tips and make your terrace the cosiest place to spend the summer with friends and family.

Patio roofs have grown in popularity in the recent years. Did you ever have a sun parasol blow away or difficulty staying in the shade during the hottest hours of the day? You never have such problems with a fixed patio roof. And when a rainstorm suddenly hits in the summer, you no longer have to rush inside while trying to save as many things as possible from getting drenched. You can also decorate your favourite spot in the garden.

Comfortable furniture

A terrace without furniture is not a terrace at all. A comfortable lounge set is probably the most frequently chosen piece of furniture. And, a dining table is certainly not a luxury when you prefer to mostly eat outside with company. Do you have a lot of space under your patio roof? Then you can even consider getting an outdoor kitchen with barbecue. A heater is also a useful addition to warm up your outdoor living space in the off-season or on a chilly evening. Or, how about a hammock between the support poles? So, carefully consider how and when you want to use the outdoor space and choose your furniture accordingly.

Trendy decoration

Personalise your own outdoor living space with trendy decorations and unique accessories that match your style. For example, a nice mat, a cute side table, cosy blankets and cushions, and so on. A few plants also bring instant colour and life to your patio roof. Finally, you can decorate the walls or sidewalls with exotic eye-catchers, such as a dream catcher, a Hawaiian fan, or other creative wall decoration.

Mood lighting

The most enjoyable time to sit under a patio roof is probably as the evening falls. The right light creates the perfect ambience. Having a party with friends or just relaxing? Discover our lighting tips and enjoy your luxurious outdoor living space until the wee hours of the morning.

Functional wall lamps

You may not have wall lamps inside your home, but wall lamps are an absolute must under your patio roof. We recommend opting for uplighters and downlighters because the light shines upwards and downwards along the wall. So, you will never be blinded with bright light. The light boosts the ambience of your terrace and these wall lamps also look extremely stylish and luxurious.

Our choice: Philips Hue Appear

Philips Hue Appear

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Cosy pendant lamps

Do you have a (dining) table under your patio roof? Then it is handy to have a nice pendant lamp to illuminate this area. But, of course, you can also place a nice pendant lamp over your lounge set as an eye-catcher. Two birds with one stone? Check!

Our choice: DCW editions In The Tube

DCW In The Tube

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Want it to be a bit more festive? Then fairy lights are the perfect match for you! You can quite literally go in all directions while all corners of your outdoor living space are well lit.

Our choice: Marset Santorini

Marset Santorini

Shop Marset Santorini


Decorative floor lamps

An eye-catching floor lamp has the dual function of mood lighting and decoration just like a pendant lamp. It’s best to choose a floor lamp suitable for outdoor use and that is also dimmable. You can then adjust the brightness of the lamp to suit the mood, your needs, and time of day.

Our choice: Flos Ktribe F3 Outdoor

Flos Ktribe F3

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Stylish recessed spots

Do you like your patio roof to have a sleek appearance? Then recessed spots are the perfect choice to light your outdoor living space because of their minimalist look. You can also install recessed spots in a charming wooden patio roof. Install them in the overhanging part of the roof and create a very cosy lighting effect.

Our choice: Delta Light Reo

Delta Light Reo

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Convenient path lighting

The path to your cosy patio roof also deserves attention! Pin spots or garden lampposts along a path automatically invite you to your cosy outdoor living space when the sun goes down.

Our choice: Delta Light Kix Pin

Delta Light Kix Pin

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Do you have a patio roof in your garden? Tell us how you laid it out in the comments!

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