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Creative ways to light your stairs

On 21, Dec 2016 | One Comment | In Interior inspiration | By

There’s a lot of (digital) writing about the lighting of kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc. However, one area is often overlooked… the stairs. The lighting of stairs often takes second place, but the importance of good lighting for the stairs must not be underestimated.

Why stairway lighting is a must-have

A dark stairway is extremely dangerous. A single misstep can have a painful outcome. Stairway lighting improves safety and prevents accidents. This is why we recommend that even a small set of stairs – two or three steps – be well lit.

A tip: Buy LED lights for your stairs. These energy-efficient LEDs consume very little electricity, meaning they can be safely left on all night.

Types of stairway lighting

You can light your stairs in different ways. The manner you choose will depend on your personal taste as well as architectural constraints.

On the wall

Most stairs have lighting on a wall. 99% of all stairs are adjacent to at least one wall, which makes it very easy to provide wiring for lighting.

Recessed and mounted spots are very popular wall lighting for stairs. Such spots are quite subtle. Some models are almost invisible… until you reach the light that is.

wall lights with a modern stairway

A modern wooden stairway with stylish wall lighting from Modular Lighting. Photo source

downlighters on stairs

Using downlighters to light stairs is a good idea. Photo source

Allow for height when installing spots. We recommend that you install these 15 to 20 cm above every third step. The light will spread sufficiently and evenly illuminate the entire stairway. If you want to install the spots at a lower height, you will most likely need to install more spots.

stairway lighting with recessed spots

Sometimes, you may need to deviate from the ‘one spot per three steps’ rule for aesthetic reasons. Photo source

You don’t always have to use spots to light stairways from the wall. You can also look for a different solution. The examples shown below use an LED strip.

LED strip on a wall

This luminous strip looks very futuristic. Photo source

On the railing

Are you looking for an invisible way to light your stairway? This might be something you like. LED strips can be easily built into handrails so that the source of lighting is not visible. In addition, the height of the handrail provides excellent light distribution and light on both sides of the stairway.

railing lighting for stairs

Stairway lighting in the handrail looks very stylish. Photo source

verlichting via trapleuning

This is what lighting on the underside of handrail looks like. Photo source

On the ceiling

The last way to light a stairway is from the ceiling. This is only possible when there is no second stairway above the first stairway (this is important for wiring reasons). For example, install recessed spots or mounted spots in the ceiling or use pendant lamps.

Please bear in mind that dmlights only sells lighting and installation materials. Banisters are not part of our product range. The pictures above are only used for illustration purposes.


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