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13 fabulous and stunning glass pendant lights

On 18, Jul 2018 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By

Glass is everywhere: in windows, in bottles, in the screens of smartphones etc. In the world of lighting and lamps, glass is also a very popular material that designers love to use. There are hundreds of wonderful glass pendants in every single possible style.

Our favourite pendants with glass header

With over 200 glass pendants in our web shop the choice is overwhelming to say the least. In order to help you navigate through this maze, we have selected a few of our favourites. But don’t let this modest selection limit your scope. We welcome you to discover all of our models.

Flos Fucsia

A conical pendant with direct light, made of hand-blown glass: that is a good definition of the Flos Fucsia. The mat rings at the bottom grant the design an extra dimension. If you would like to install several Flos Fuscia pendants above a table or a kitchen island, then go for one of the sets that contain 3, 8 or 12 lamps.

Flos Fucsia Anna and Stanislav Makeev project

Discover the Flos Fucsia

Artemide Meteorite

The inspiration for this glass pendant by Artemide was derived from the typical Venetian battuto vases. Batutto literally means “beaten” in Italian. The vases display a subtle relief. Artemida uses a similar technic for their Meteorite collection, that is characterized by lampshades of mat glass with a crater-like motif. And we don’t have to explain where the name of this model comes from.


Discover the Artemide Meteorite

Philips MyLiving Forfar

Philips is keeping things more simple. The MyLiving Forfar pendant lights have a sober cylinder shape without eccentric designer phantasies. The combination of glass and metal puts this fitting in a modern outfit.


Discover the Philips MyLiving Forfar

Fontana Arte Equatore

The Fontana Arte Equatare is one of the newbies in our list of glass pendants. This beauty was designed in 2017 by Gabriela and Oscar Buratti. Thanks to the stylish design the Equatore managed to melt our hearts from the first glance.

This design is a contemporary interpretation of classical glass pendants, where two illuminating discs on the inside are the eye-catcher. By the way, the header is available in different colour shades.


Discover the Fontana Arte Equatore

Marset Hazy Day

Uli Budde might very well be someone that likes to get up early and enjoy the rising sun. In the morning, the first sunrays are filtered by the clouds. It is this diffuse light that forms the base for the Marset Hazy Day. The round header in opal glass slowly shifts from mat to transparent. This fine piece of craftsmanship creates an extra dimension for the design. By the way, every single Hazy Day is handmade.


Discover the Marset Hazy Day

Fontana Arte Pinecone

The Fontana Arte Pinecone is more complex than you might think at first glance. A special technique is used for the lampshade. First, a frame of thin metal wires is made, then the glass blower does his magic and incorporates the frame in the melted glass. An excellent piece of craftsmanship that consumes several hours, but the result is downright stunning!

FontanaArte Pinecone hanglamp helder glas

Discover the Fontana Arte Pinecone

Artemide Logico Mini

The above-mentioned glass pendants all came with a round of cylinder-shaped lampshade. However, the winds blow in a different direction at Artemide. The Logico Mini was conceived with an organic shape. It seems as if a thin piece of plastic was wrapped around a light source. And yet the header is entirely made out of glass. Isn’t that just magnificent?


Discover the Artemide Logico Mini

Foscarini Satellight

The design of the Foscarini Satellight was derived from Sputnik 1. That was the first artificial satellite that orbited the Earth. The spacecraft was made of an aluminium sphere with two extendable antennas. From the side this kinda looks like the shape of this fitting. The aluminium was replaced by a satin glass sphere in a veil of transparent glass.


Discover the Foscarini Satellight

Louis Poulsen VL45 Radiohus

Nearly two years ago, in the Fall of 2016, Louis Poulsen reinvented the VL45 Radiohus pendant light. The original design came into being in 1940 and was made specially for the Radiohuset building in Copenhagen. The design remained unchanged, thank goodness, because it was simply impossible to make this pendant light more appealing.


Discover the Louis Poulsen VL45 Radiohus

Terzani Sea Urchin

Certain luminaires come with a discrete glass lampshade, whereas others tend to be more conspicuous. The Sea Urchin by Terzani clearly belongs to the latter. Over 1500 glass pins create a fabulous light and shadow play. Purely in terms of decoration this pendant light also excels above the rest.


Discover the Terzani Sea Urchin

Serien Annex

Conical shapes characterize the Serian Annex. On the inside we find two diffusors in mat glass, with a transparent casing around them. In the dining room, above the kitchen island or next to the bed: this trendy glass pendant light simply goes everywhere.


Discover the Serien Annex

Next Blubb

What happens if you throw a naked pendant light into the water? Then you get the Next Blubb. The glass casing looks like splashing water and the red cord brings a playful touch? This Next Blubb pendant light is available in different designs and for the fans there is also a matching table light.


Discover the Next Blubb

Foscarini Tartan

Yes, this luminaire is indeed made of glass. Foscarini uses a unique glass blowing technique in order to create a dusty look. The check pattern is a wink to the classical Scottish tartans, the woollen fabric of which kilts are made.


Discover the Foscarini Tartan

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