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In Interior inspiration

By Steven Roziers

12 examples of modern garden lighting

On 04, May 2016 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Steven Roziers

Country garden lighting enthusiasts have already had a serious dose of inspiration. But we haven’t forgotten about the fans of modern design. Especially for them, we take a look at 12 examples of modern outdoor lighting. Don’t forget that this is only a tiny sliver of our wide selection. Hurry over to our webshop to discover the complete assortment!

Wever & Ducre Tube Carre

If there is one thing that we have not overlooked in our webshop, it is modern exterior wall lighting. Large models, small fixtures, rounded designs, sleek geometric designs, … Today, we select the Wever & Ducre Tube Carré. This wall lamp has simple lines and an interesting price tag. It is available as an uplight and as a downlight in two different sizes. It is even available as a double downlight.

wever ducre tube carre wall lighting

Tip: Hang wall lamps in groups for a modern look.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Wever & Ducré Tube

Deltalight Tweeter X

Deltalight is top-of-the-bill when it comes to modern garden lighting. For example, take a look at the Tweeter X. With its rounded lamp head, this fixture stands out above the competition. Tweeter X is an extensive collection which includes a wall lamp and two garden-post lamps.

deltalight tweeter X

The ideal average distance between garden posts? Place 1 garden post every 2 metres, but more importantly ensure even distribution.

This lamp in our web shop? To the DeltaLight Tweeter X

Flos Architectural Stealth

Modern exterior lighting may be virtually invisible. With the Stealth, Flos Architectural harks back to the basics and chooses a simple, rectangular flush-mounting fixture. This simple wall lamp is perfect for illuminating the walls along garden paths and driveways.

flos architectural stealth

The Flos Architectural Stealth: conspicuously inconspicuous. Photo source

This lamp in our web shop? To the Flos Architectural Stealth

Modular Lighting A(r)mor

Looking for a futuristic design? Then the Modular Lighting A(r)mor might be something for you. With its geometric surfaces, this collection looks very progressive. Those with modern gardens can use the Modular Lighting A(r)mor to illuminate the façade or driveway. The A(r)mors bundle their light beams beautifully so that the onlooker is never blinded.

modular lighting armor in the jane in antwerp

Modular Lighting A(r)mor recessed floor spotlights that illuminate the walkway to the Antwerp restaurant, The Jane.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Modular Lighting A(r)mor

Flos Belvedere Round

A contemporary interpretation of the garden post—that is the best way to describe the Flos Belvedere Round. This design by Antonio Citterio is so striking thanks to its doughnut-shaped lamp head. The lamp is available in two formats: one that is 540 mm high and one that is 840 mm high.

flos belvedere round

On the terrace or along a garden path or driveway, where will you showcase your Flos Belvedere Round?

This lamp in our web shop? To the Flos Belvedere Round

Foscarini Solar Outdoor

Foscarini loves to do things differently. That is obvious with this Solar Outdoor. The design combines three elements: a work of art, lighting and garden furniture. The top of the lamp can be used as a side table, for example next to a garden chair, while the underside provides illumination at night. Thanks to this timeless design by Jean Marie Massaud, the Foscarini Solar Outdoor is also added aesthetic value.

foscarini solar outdoor

Is it a table, a work of art or garden lighting? The choice is yours.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Foscarini Solar Outdoor

Modular Lighting Skifv

Modern outdoor lighting does not always have to be functional. Decorative atmospheric lighting is also important. And there you have the Skifv van Modular Lighting. These luminous ‘mushrooms’ are guaranteed to be the main attraction in your garden!

modular lighting skifv

Place a Modular Lighting Skifv in the furthest corner of the garden to accentuate its depth.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Modular Lighting Skifv

Flos Ipnos

The Flos Ipnos is a remarkable piece of outdoor lighting design. By removing the unnecessary elements of a traditional lamp, Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi were left with a simple metal box. The negative space in this box creates a feeling of serenity. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this modern floor lamp for outdoors is the way in which the LED lighting has been so subtly incorporated into its frame. Something that would not be possible with traditional halogen lights.

flos ipnos

Without high-tech LED lights, the Flos Ipnos would not be possible.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Flos Ipnos Outdoor

Deltalight Aula

Chances are you have already encountered the Deltalight Aula in real life. This modern garden post is extraordinarily popular. Admit it, that’s no surprise. Its slender profile and sober form make the Aula an excellent choice of modern outdoor lighting.

deltalight aula

Tip: When illuminating a garden path, always take the surrounding vegetation into account.

This lamp in our web shop? To the DeltaLight Aula

Deltalight Bazil

The Deltalight Bazil is a garden post that shines its light in a full, 360° circle. Variation is the trump card of this collection. Not only can you choose from various colours but also from a variety of depths and heights. So there is a Deltalight Bazil that is perfect for every garden.

deltalight bazil

Situating exterior lighting in groups provides a modern touch.

This lamp in our web shop? To the DeltaLight Bazil

Luceplan Pod Lens

We have already seen garden posts, wall lamps, floor lamps and recessed spotlights. Only the pendant lamps are missing. Perhaps the Luceplan Pod Lens is worth considering? Its organic form—inspired by flower buds—ensures that they will never be out of place above a garden table.

lucepland pod lens

And even more beautiful – various colours of the Luceplan Pod Lens side-by-side.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Luceplan Pod Lens

Wever & Ducre Stake

We complete this list of modern outdoor lighting with the brand we started with: Wever & Ducre. This time we place the Stake in the spotlight. This modern spotlight is perfect for accentuating specific elements in your garden, for example, a tree or an artwork.

wever ducre stake

Use directional spotlights to illuminate trees, plants, works of art, garden paths and other exterior elements.

This lamp in our web shop? To the Wever & Ducré Stake

More models

Did not find what you were looking for? No problem, our webshop is overflowing with modern garden lighting. Use the filter options to quickly find the perfect fixture and then order online, quickly, easily and securely.

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