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Luceplan Costanzina

In Costanzina, Paolo Rizzotto’s touch is even lighter and more concise, but always reflects the intimacy of the home. Costanzina is a discrete but solid presence that warms our environment.
Constanzina is a the little brother of the design lighting classic Constanza that keeps susprising. On top of that Luceplan Constanzina is a durable lighting. A revolutionary touch to this design lighting is the sensitive dimmer. Just touch it lightly for another kind of lighting.

Designer Paolo Rizzatto concentrates on the classic repertoire, endowing it with contemporary forms. This design fixture combines soft lighting with centered accents. Constanzina lighting creates attractive lighting for every room. Costanzina is an archetypal example of modern, colourful elegance.

Constanzina is perfect design lighting for commercial and residential use. Click on the pictures below for detailed productinformation.

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