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The latest invention in the area of lighting is LED lighting. Today LED is already used in a wide variety of applications. Almost all types of lighting fixtures are nowadays available with LED lamps. For example: garden lighting, wall lights, table lamps, LED strips, ceiling lights, floor lamps and recessed lights. dmLights is the online shop that offers you a huge variety of LED lighting.

Advantages of LED lighting are…

- The main advantage of LED lighting is its energy efficiency. LED lamps use considerably less energy than a traditional incandescent lamp. This makes LED lighting financially attractive for both private individuals and the larger industrial consumers.

- Next to energy efficient, LED lighting is also durable. The average lifetime of a LED light sources lays significantly higher than that of an incandescent light bulb (1.000 operating hours), an energy-saving light bulb (up to 15.000 operating hours), a fluorescent lamp (up to 17.000 operating hours). A LED light bulb lasts on average up to 15.000 operating hours.

- Furthermore LED lighting is shockproof and it is resistant to cold. Thus LED lighting is very much suited as garden lighting.

LED lighting provides opportunities

The light color of LEDs does no longer need to be assimilated with coldness and  chilliness. LED lighting has gradually been able to match the same illumination level of the classic incandescent lamps. Just like with fluorescent lighting, there are different light colors available in LED lighting (from cold white to warm white). Thanks to the RGB (Red, Blue, Green) LEDs, you are able to form numerous different colors. The RGB LEDs are often used as accent lighting in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Moreover LED has become available in dimmable versions. This enables you even more to adapt the illumination to your current needs. LED lighting exists in different forms namely: LED strips, spotlights and classic lamp form.

dmLights has one of the largest LED lighting ranges in Belgium. The lighting we offer is of excellent quality at all time. In the online shop of dmLights you can safely buy LED lighting at a sharp price!

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