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Miniteca From Flos

Miniteca is a beautiful product from the house of Flos. It is table mounting lighting. This lamp consists of three parts: the base, the shade and the glass covering or lid. The appearance resembles a box made of glass. The Miniteca table lamp from Flos provides diffused light. The Miniteca  clubs the traditional style shade of the table lamp with the modern trends. It attributes to the beauty of the table mount lamp from Flos.

Design Of Flos’ Miniteca

Ron Gilad designed the Miniteca for Flos in the year 2009. The base being the main part of the Miniteca is from injection-molded ABS. It has a white color. It has a semi-gloss type of appearance. The shade stays on the base with the light source inside it. The special type of light glow from Flos Miniteca Victorian Grandeur creates a romantic ambiance. The name of the represented style engraved by laser appears in the front facing portion of the base. Teca appears crystal clear to enhance the glow of the light source. The power cord has the on/off switch.

Other Specifications Of Miniteca From Flos

The power reaches the Miniteca through a power cord. It has a length of 1500 mm. The voltage specification is 220/240 volts. The Miniteca has a methacrylate case finish. It is only suited for indoor use. It has a total weight of 1.2 kg.

Cleaning The Miniteca Victorian Grandeur

Deposit of dust on the transparent covering causes the glow to lose its real effect. Periodical cleaning of the covering to remove the dust deposit will increase the beauty of Flos Miniteca. Use a dry soft cloth or brush to remove the dust. A cleaner with mild effect will effectively help in cleaning the surface and restore the glow and clarity.

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