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FLOS: a company creating signature lighting products

Flos, already a global phenomenal brand in the lighting equipment industry, was established in 1962 in Merano, Italy. At its inception, the company decided to deal with such a niche and that was quite uncommon. In fact such an artistic flair association was hardly thinkable at that time. But this is the specialty of Flos lighting: they keep moving profoundly with their impact, creating most aesthetic lighting equipment trough designing skills, expertise and abilities. They are the creator of a new direction in the entire illumination industry as they put the designer’s collection of lighting equipment into stores.

Growing demand

With time and off course due to their artistic output, Flos kept growing beyond the border of Italy as retail chain for lighting products. Lights with emotion attached to it - is what Flos keeps trying to set in all their signature products. Flos, founded by three giant personalities in the history of modern lighting equipment, opened its first store in Germany on 1971. This expansion was not a continuation of opening retail outlets by the Castiglioni brothers – Achille and Pier Giacomo - but more a public demand.

Flos – award winning designs

Nowadays, Flos is no exception but has its position retained in iconic height in designers lighting solutions. IALD and Compasso d’Oro Industrial Design Award are a few of the recognitions that made their hallmark journey smoother and faster. Flos keeps moving upward in the lighting enthusiasts’ minds by bringing more and more profound designs, scintillating lighting effect, more insightful and meaningful lights to best complement the environment.

Flos lighting synonym for brilliance & quality

Producing uniquely designed and well crafted equipment by using more precious materials and maintaining the pricing consciousness became the venturing style for Flos. Appeal, excitement, innovation, creativity, technological integration, extensive research: all are every day challenges for Flos. It is difficult to interpret the superiority of Flos in a single statement as Flos is talented, dynamic, stylish and is able to put a connection between light and emotion.
Producing lighting that connects mind and emotion is what one can say about all Flos lighting products. They are designed brilliantly, ensured for quality performance by using quality materials. Each article from Flos is alluring in design and with its lighting effects. Whether you are using Flos products inside your home or outside or even in large commercial set up, Flos knows how to complement the surrounding environment with their products. The company extended its operation beyond and adopted new business formats for operation over time. Now Flos, the iconic designer lighting equipment producer, is everywhere in Europe.
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