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Artemide Tilos is a wonderful product

The names of Artemide and Ernesto Gismondi are so famous in the field of lighting fittings. Numerous products in this line remain the favorite of the people of the world. One among them is the Artemide Tilos. The company Artemide brings out different types of lighting equipments to fulfill the lighting needs of any type of buildings. There are mainly two sections of lighting equipments namely indoor and outdoor. In the group of indoor lighting itself, different sections are there which includes the ceiling lighting, wall lighting, and the suspension lighting. The Artemide Tilos comes in a ceiling and wall lighting version. There are two types of products under the name Tilos made by Artemide. They are Tilos 150 and Tilos 150 incose dicroica.

Structural specifications of Tilos from Artemide

The Tilos 150 and Tilos 150 incasso dicroica are similar in so many aspects. There is only a structural difference between the two. Both of them have the shape of a bowl. The overall height and diameter of both the products remain the same at 90 mm and 150 mm respectively. The installation diameter of the Artemide’s Tilos 150 incasso dicroica is around 80 mm. At the same time, the diameter of the head of the lamp of Artemide’s Tilos 150 is 150 mm. The height of the lamp head is another point of difference between the two models. In the case of the Tilos 150 incasso dicroica by Artemide, the head of the lamp is at a height of 90 mm. The structure is in chromed metal. This adds to the beauty of the product.

Technical specifications of Tilos of Artemide

Halogen lamps or a standard light bulb suits the Artemide Tilos. It provides a type of diffused light. This makes it more suitable for use in the areas like bathroom mirror frames.

Other specifications of the Tilos from Artemide

The Tilos by Artemide comes in mainly four colors. They are white, pink, blue and light blue. Each one of these colors have a specific beauty of its own.

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