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Artemide Rastaf Recessed

When it comes to built in ceiling lights, most buyers are very picky. Especially the ones who love to create a great ambience in their living room or any part of the house for that matter, they simply love to decorate their ceilings. With the ceiling lights being very popular these days, it is quite evident that so many manufacturers are launching different kinds of ceiling lights. Amongst them, one outstanding kind is the Artemide Architectural Rastaf ceiling lights. It has class, absolutely wonderful design and the complete characterization is quite different from the usual. You can see its distinguished look and appeal, which will immediately catch the eye of the customer.

Description of the product

You can use the adjustable downlights with the help of 12v halogen lamps that are dichroic. Also, it is available in four different sizes. This is one of the best things concerning the product. Mostly this allows the buyer to buy a size that he or she is most comfortable with. The size options help you in understanding the dimensions. It starts with 86mm, 125 mm, 125x275mm and lastly 125x425mm. Based on what version you pick up, the rotation varies accordingly.

Weight, other dimensions and accessories of Artemide Architectural Rastaf

The weight will vary based on the version you pick up. The general variations begin with 0.13 kg making its way up to 0.14 kg, 0.15 kg, 0.2 kg, 0.25 kg and finally 0.26 kg. The installation diameter is 72 mm. as far as the accessories are concerned; you get a remote transformer and a range of many other accessories that you can order.

Take good care of your ceiling lights

It is a bit different when you clean ceiling lights as compared to the other lights. Make sure you do it well and maintain caution in order not to cause any damage to the light.

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