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Metamorfosi By Artemide

The 3 parabolic reflectors task the light shaped by 3 maximum 150W halogen lamps. It is through three main dichroic sorts of green, blue and red. These are the 3 primary colors. The all are very important as characteristic of these filters.  They also project a set of lights with a multi-colored corona. The manufacturer is Artemide from Germany. It is a design by Artemide itself. Connecting cables cannot be more than 4 meters. The remote controller receives four or three lights. It links to the division board by flexible cable. As a result, you can install it easily. 4 or 3 black spot-lights ø cm12x14h completed with lamps. It is totally remote controlled.

Product description

A sum of 3 primary colors produces a mostly warm fair light. By slowly increasing the concentration of light that emits by spotlights, lots of different colors and lightings atmospheres will be able to obtain. There are approximately 1 million likely combinations. A p-patented microprocessor controls the 3 spotlights. It is included in the lamp.
The distributions board has made use of this for regulating four or three lights of 17x17x5h cm. it operates by using an electricity of 230-240V or 50Hz, 2A or else 110V or 60Hz, 4A. It permits the bylaw of light concentration 100% to 0% of 3 halogen lamps.

Dimensions or Weight

The overall dimension of diameter is 120 mm, and it has a height of about 140 mm. The bulb type is halogen lamp the housing is of B15d. the fitting is a maximum of 3x150W (B 15d) - QT 18 is also included   

Security or Protection

The form of protection is protection (DIN 40050). The IP20 protection is against solids > 12 mm. The safety class is class I that is the protective earthing. Fire prevention classes are F.

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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