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Artemide Java Recessed Ceiling Lights

An Overview of Java

Artemide Java is a very elegant and “showy” ceiling light as far as decorative lighting is concerned. The overall look of it definitely catches everyone’s attention. This light comes in six models. In square category there is of one lamp and four lamps. In rectangle, there are models with 1, 2, 3 and 4 lamps.  These lights are arranged beautifully in different ways.

Design Specifications of the Java

The flashy design is done by Artemide Architectural. This is a collection of spotlights. All of them are adjustable. You can move them and concentrate the light on the area where you require it the most. One can choose any of the arrangement depending upon his needs. You can select the number of lights you want in the product. This allows you to alter the intensity of light as per your requirement. This is a unique and flamboyant design.

Other Specifications of the Product

It has recessed downlights of 12 v dichroic and gr111/12 v halogen lamps. These six models contain number of lights ranging from 1 to 4. Use of dichoric halogen lamps allows light to be rotated up to 30 degrees. With the use of qr111 and hsr111, you can adjust the spotlight from -20 degrees to 70 degrees.  You can rotate each of the lights up to 355 degrees. This provides maximum area coverage. It contains a remote transformer or ballast. Make sure that you maintain a distance of 1 meter from the vertical surface that is to be illuminated. The weight of these products is 0.6 kg, 0.9 kg, 1.3 kg, 1.5 kg and 1.6 kg respectively

Protection Features of the Product

All of these come with similar features of protection. They come along with IP20 form of protection (DIN 40050) which is against solids that are greater than 12 mm. Class 1 is the safety class for the product which is for protective earthing. Artemide Java is for the protective earthing that the product has. These products have an F against fire preventive classes. It carries an inspection seal of EN 60598.

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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