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Artemide Altop Ceiling Lamps

Uplift Your Spirit with Altop

In the contemporary era, dynamism of colors performs a great job of rejuvenating our senses and uplifting the spirit. In order to serve this purpose, Artemide Altop have gained the popularity as the option. These lights make a subject become visible with spellbound beauty. Altop from Artemide Architectural could be a great addition for any type of interior whether it is your bedroom, living room, kids area, office interior, hospitality décor, or retail shop.

Dimensional Attributes of Altop

They are available with a variety of recessed luminaries with the length of 594 mm or 619 mm. It is available in two different widths that are 594 and 619 mm. The effectiveness of the soft light depends upon the depth. The depth of Artemide Altop soft lights 180 mm. However, the installation depth could be 360 mm. The weight of the product can be either 790 kg or 830 kg. This depends on the dimensions of the product.

Physical attributes of Altop

These lights come with steel body that looks lustrous. The white finishing fills in your environment with calmness and peace. Colored bodies are available on special request from the client. Three lighting solutions are available namely- general lighting, accent lighting, and combined mixed illuminations. These have dual gentle switches. The lamp comes in the fluorescent color with mouth blown glass. It has a dust protection screen of polycarbonate. It has two light sources that consume a power of 55 W.

Technical Attributes of Artemide Altop

The Artemide Altop ceiling lamps are well-known since the perception of the time because of its LED screen with ip40. The projector supports 12v halogen lighting and metal-halide.  This has a tilt angle that may vary from -10 degree to +70 degrees. You may rotate it to 355 degrees. These lights have a certification of EN 60598 for the protection measure.

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