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Artemide Yang Table Lights

Different shaped lights and light fittings always invoke an appreciative response from people. When the light fixtures in any home are something truly unique then they are always liked by visitors and the home owner is complimented on his fine taste without a doubt. Some people want to give their homes a very contemporary look, to keep up with the modern times. If the latest models of furniture are bought and arranged inside the home for this purpose, then why should light fittings be in the background? Today you have an array of well designed and aesthetically appealing light fixtures which lend a very interesting look to any home or office. The more modern and newer the design of the light fixture, the more the responses it invokes from others. The Yang range of lights from Artemide is just that; they are truly unique and what you can call “designer lights”.

Models under the Yang range of lights

You will find two models under the Yang range of lights. These are basically table lights with methacrylate structures. You have the Yang and the Yang white under this category of lights and their pleasing appearance and innovative designing make them stand apart from the rest of the table lights.

Facts file of the Yang range of lights

The Artemide Yang range of lights comes in a methacrylate structure and transparent polycarbonate case. The lamps are spherical in shape and their 6 small feet allow them to be placed at various inclinations. The cover of these lights is kept on with a simple cover to ensure easy replacement of the lamp.

Dimensions of the lights under the Yang range

The Artemide Yang light has a diameter of 400mm and a height of 310mm with the same figures for the diameter and the height of the head of the lamp. The Yang white has a diameter of 400mm and a height of 420mm.

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