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Artemide Nessino - This Is Retro

Everyone wants to give a new look to their interiors. The best way to achieve this without much hassle is by using designer lights. These lights enhance your home interior. You can use different lights depending upon your requirements. The use of table lamps is the simplest. You can place them anywhere on the room depending upon where you need more illumination. Nessino from Artemide is one such astonishing table lamp.

Designing Details Of The Light

The elegant Artemide Nessino is a design by Giancarlo Mittioli and Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Citta’ Nuova. It is an exquisite table lamp having sheen to the surface. The use of table lamp can also be good for those who need a source of lighting for their table to study. This gives more illumination on the table, therefore reducing the eye strain of the reader.

Other Imperative Information About The Product

It gives both, direct and diffused light. it makes use of incandescent source for lighting. It uses 4 sources for illumination. Each consumes a maximum of 25 W of power. Both, the body and the diffuser of the Nessino are in polycarbonate. This makes it strong along with reducing the weight of the lamp. It is available in two different colors: polished white and orange. Therefore, you can choose the color that defines your personality and enhances your interiors. 

Dimensional And Technical Specifications Of Nessino

This table lamp is U.L. listed. The total height of the lamp is 22.3 cm. The diameter f the head of lamp is 32 cm or 12 5/8 inches. The height of the head lamp is 9 cm or 3 9/16 inches. The diameter of the base is 12.5 cm. The Artemide Nessino complies with IP20 protection against solids greater than 12 mm. It has a CCC and ENEC certification and has an F for fire safety classes. 

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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