Bticino Living Light TI L4380-B

  • Bticino Living Light TI L4380-B

Accessories such as recessed boxes, bulbs, transformers, etc. are never included in the devices nor price, unless where stated differently.

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Ref: TI L4380-B


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About Bticino

BTicino Material

BTicino is an Italian brand that delivers low voltage electrical equipment for energy distribution, communication (audio and videophony), light & sound control sytems, climat controlling and security systems. BTicino is a division in the Legrand Group. Thanks to the Italian business model, global quality, flexibility and knowhow for innovativeness and durable development BTicino has grown out to one of the most important brands in the field of electrical equipment. Today they are already active in more than 60 different countries.


The equipment of BTicino is designed to provide excellent compatibility with other domotics systems. Managing daily activities like controlling lighting or heating needs to be as simple and intuitive as possible and at the same time consume as little electricity as possible. At dmLights you can easily order all BTicino material online without having to leave your house. So you can fully focus on your work and you won’t lose valuable time.

Anticipate changes in lifestyle

In addition the brand seeks for innovation continuously to meet the potential changes in society regarding to living and lifestyle. BTicino describes this continuous research as the X-Plus Factor, a value introduced by the founder Luigi Bassani.

BTicino switches, domotics and communication systems

The BTicino material includes switches, wiring systems, communication systems, domotics, etc. Discover the advantages of the BTicino equipment for your daily life. Experience a comfortable, efficient and secure home thanks to the BTicino My Home domotics. They enable you to save energy and enable you to immediately see when somebody approaches your home. Furthermore they offer switches obtainable in numerous forms and colors. So you will definitely find switches that fit into your interior. Their range even contains switches with a leatery texture. The Magic, Màtix and Axolute are some of the collections within the BTicino switches. The communication systems are called Polyx, Pivot, Sfera, Swing, Sprint and Axolute. They all are reliable systems of the highest quality.

BTicino modules, monitors, outlets,… are all available on the dmLights webshop. Use the search bar to navigate quickly to your required product. If you require more information about the BTicino equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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