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Artemide Zeffiro lights

Why do the right kinds of light fittings matter so much? Why do people spend so many days on deciding which light fixtures they want fitted in every room of their home? This is because the kind of light fixtures fitted in any interior determines the overall look of the home and they speak a lot about the taste of the homeowner. Some people browse for light fittings months before they decide on what kind of light fixtures they want installed in their homes. This is so that the latest kinds of fixtures in the market are considered. Zeffiro lamps are truly lighting wonders to look at. Their contemporary design and amazing style will definitely cause someone to turn and give them a longer, second look.

What’s in the Zeffiro range?

The lights that come under the Zeffiro range are ceiling lamps. There are two models that fall under this range. Both of them are similar in design with just the difference in their dimensions.

Materials used

The lights of the Zeffiro range are ceiling lights. Two light sails moving freely in space pushed by the wind cause the diffused lights created by them.  The manufacturer uses good quality metal to make the structure of these lamps. The lamps also posses “injection molded opal methacrylate diffusers”. These lights come in the fine color or white satin.

Other specifications of the Zeffiro lamps

One of the models of the Zeffiro lights has dimensions of width 830mm, depth 158mm and height 220mm. the other model has a width of 1410mm, depth of 120-230mm and a height of 280mm. the dimensions of the head of the lamp for this model remain the same as its overall dimensions.

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