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Artemide Utopia For Your Walls Or Ceilings

The various beautiful designs of light fittings and fixtures today are very beautiful. The designers have come up with breathtaking designs that lend that stylish and sleek look to any room they are fitted in. Today you have light fixtures made from an array of metal and designed in a unique way. The Artemide Utopia range of lamps is a perfect example of lights that will astound you. They look awesome when installed either on walls or on the ceiling. They can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The materials used

The manufacturer uses grey painted for making the structure of the lights under the Utopia range. This light comes in three sizes and is either a wall mount or a ceiling mount lamp. These are surface mounted lights and come under the broad category of decorative lights.

Some details about the stylish Utopia

The lamps under the Utopia range have diffusers in silk screened-sanded glass. These lights have diffused light emulsion. The width of these lights are 320 mm, 420 mm and 520 mm. their depth is 200 mm and 210 mm. the width of the head of the lamp ranges from 320 mm to 520m while the depth of the head of the lamp from 200 mm to 210 mm.

What kind of bulbs suit these Utopia?

These lights are compact fluorescent lamps. A high voltage halogen lamp is perfect for well design spaces of the home. Standard light bulbs are required for the lights under the Utopia range. Many homeowners want a certain “wow” factor for their homes and with the lights under the Artemide Utopia range.

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