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Artemide Trifluo

Some people pay a lot of attention to every aspect of their homes and they want to put their personal signature on all aspects of the home interior. Choosing the furniture, the color of the wall paint, the lights and light fittings and even the artifacts and other decorative items takes time. The purchase of these items involves some amount of browsing. The kinds of light fittings and fixtures installed in the home can change the entire appearance of the house.  Different rooms have varied lighting fixtures to attain a well-balanced lighting effect in the home. The Artemide Trifluo is famous for its artistic design, durability for fitting in homes and offices.

Triflue is made from…

The Trifluo is a pendant lamp and it used red, green and blue light sources. The manufacturer uses top quality aluminum to make these good-looking lights. These are very attractive lights and they can add a class of touch to your home.

Some features

This fine looking hanging lamp allows a “limitless variation of white light with different intensities and a variety of color temperatures”. This light boasts of a lower prismatic diffuser in methacrylate”, the upper diffuser comes in transparent methacrylate. The light also allows emulsion of indirect as well as direct light. The color selection functions of the light can be set with an infrared remote control. This light comes in white.

Dimensions of the Trifluo

The sleek looking Trifluo lamp is 750 mm wide and 740 mm deep. The lights has got a height of 2000 mm and a pendant length of 2000 mm. the width of the luminary head of lamp is 750 mm and its depth is 740 mm whereas the head of the lamp is 60 mm. this light should be bought only after it’s positioning in the house has been made certain.

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