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Tian Xia from Artemide is the Best for Modern Homes

The market share for the decorative lamps is ever increasing. The reason for that has been the increasing demand from the part of the customers. New companies have come to the field and still more companies continue to arrive. The whole array of products has undergone division broadly in to different categories according to the style it follows. The homeowner or a consumer of the decorative lighting has to take care of so many facts. One of the basic rules is to understand the style of the other items existing in the room. The Tian Xia from Artemide is a perfect option for modern style homes. They will induce a new range of elegance to the room.

Different versions of the Artemide’s Tian Xia

The Tian Xia is a popular type of fashionable lighting solution in the present situation. It has two different versions. The versions have their basis on the difference in the type of lighting. The two main divisions in the case of lightings are the ceiling mount lighting and the suspension lighting. The ceiling mount Tian Xia has option to directly fix to the ceiling of the house. In regard to the suspension Tian Xia lighting, the lamp hangs from the ceiling with the help of cables.

Size and shape of the Artemide Tian Xia

The shape of the Tian Xia lighting resembles a piece of cylinder, which has thick walls. The additional feature that the suspension Tian Xia has over the ceiling mount version is the presence of a cable for suspending the lamp.

Specifications of the Tian Xia

The Artemide’s Tian Xia has a glossy finish. The product has a beautiful appearance. A remote control electronically controls the level of brightness of the Tian Xia lighting.

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