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Sleek lighting with Artemide’s Teti

Living room is the main place in the house where guests come. This aspect makes it a very important place in the entire house. A person coming in to the house will ascertain the standard of the life according to the appearance of the living room. It has a good role to play in that respect. You have so many ways to improve the appearance of your living room. The easiest way is to keep it tidy and through the use of proper lighting accessories.

How Teti from Artemide makes your room attractive

You have the awareness that proper lighting is very important for maintaining a room in an attractive manner. It does not mean that you will have to go for some expensive lighting options. Artemide’s Teti is a comparatively smaller light fitting. The Teti has been very effective in creating a romantic feel to any room. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the right amount of light at the right spots is the correct manner to do it. The size and shape of Teti is such that it suits any part of the room. You have the option to fix it in the ceiling or in the wall.

Product specifications of Artemide’s Teti

Vico Magistretti designed the Teti for Artemide. Artemide uses thermoplastic or polycarbonate resins in the production of Artemide’s Teti. The availability of the Teti by Artemide is a very good advantage for the people intending to use it. The company provides five different colors or shades of Teti for the market. They are the white, orange, anthracite and transparent.

Technical specifications of Teti by Artemide

The Artemide’s Teti uses a bulb that has the specification of 40W E27. The decorative lighting device, Teti from Artemide works on a voltage specification of 220V to 240V.

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