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Artemide Talak

The lightning system is the major factor responsible for a pleasant look of your home, especially during night time. Artemide Talak has total seven products. All these products of talak are very useful in one or the other way. This system gives a light that is a splendid option for the contemporary atmospheres. Many people are using these products. They are all very pleased with them.

Products Available Under Talak

These seven products are namely Talak table lamp, Talak reading lamp, Talak morsetto lamp, Talak lettural LED lamp, Talak table LED lamp, Talak wall lamp and Talak suspension lamp. The designs of all these seven products are simple, yet attractive.

Physical dimensions of Talak

The Artemide Talak table lamp has a width of 853 mm, its depth is 164 mm. Its height is 691mm. The head of the lamp in width is 850 mm and in depth it is around 27 mm and the height of the lamp is 20 mm. The type of the bulb used is fluorescent lamp. These lamps use very less power. You can rotate the lamp up to 360 degree on the horizontal plane. The depth of Talak reading table lamp is 850 mm and the diameter is 230 mm. The height of it is 1390 mm whereas that of the head of the lamp is around 850 mm. The dimensions of Talak morsetto are as follows. Width is 853 mm, depth is 27 mm, and height is 610 mm whereas the width of the head of the lamp is 853 mm and the depth is 27 mm and height of it is 20 mm.

Advantages of Talak

The good thing about it is that you can adjust its height. The light emission is direct. You can use these products at office or at home. You can find lamps of all types n this collection. You can find table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and suspension lamps.

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